‘Gaay Melly’ To Be Staged On Maharashtra Day

Image Source: Social Manch

The reincarnation of a holy river that villagers term as ‘Mata’ and how in the
entire process of reviving it, the life of a mother is ruined is central to the plot
of this interesting play.

‘Gaay Meliy’, written and directed by Abhayasinha Jadhav, is believed to be a visual delight addressing India’s current socio-political scenario and its obsession with safeguarding the religious sentiments that is associated with an animal, a temple and a water body while ignoring the fundamental problems that need immediate intervention.

The play has already won accolades at the 58 th Maharashtra State Marathi
drama competition and this was the first time it was performed as an
individual show in Pune.

Presented by: Social Manch
Writer and Director: Abhayasinha Jadhav
Cast: Aanna : Amit kulkarni
Reporter : Aishwarya Gaikwad
Cameraman : Swapnil Kanase
Sabina : Aishwarya Wakhare
Painter : Krutarth Shevgaonkar
Raosaheb : Dnyanratna Ahiwale
Aappa : Yashpal  Sarnath

Duration: 2 hours 10 mins- (Two Act Play

Show: 1 May 2019
Time : 6 pm
Venue : Akshardhan School ,SB Road ,Pune