#YouthSpeak: Commitment In Love Is A Huge Burden

Relationship - Fear of Commitment
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There was a time not so long ago, when people believed that love meant commitment to each other in all respects…

And now, with changing mindsets and upwardly mobile youth, the faith in commitment is lost and several young people prefer staying single.

Pune365 spoke to several young citizens of the city to understand their fears on commitment and the new age values that have taken over their lives. 

“There is this feeling in most people’s minds that commitment can kill your freedom.

There is a fear that your dreams may get clipped if you and your partner don’t think the same way any longer, says Abhishek a 29-year-old, Sales Manager.

Being single is akin to permanent freedom, where am proud of myself, I earn and spend for only myself. Everything changes after commitment in a relationship, Moreover it feels like an unwanted burden, Abhishek added.

Radhika Pandit says, When you commit to a person you have to be ready to adjust. I feel we are best in our own space and our generation is not keen on adjusting to anyone else’s  wishes.

I love my career more than my partner, says Kanika Kashyap, Entrepreneur. There is only rare chance that you will have your partner understands your career needs.

Commitment nowadays means being tied down. It means becoming a part of someone’s life where you have to put them before you. More importantly, I fear losing the independence I have treasured for so long, Kanika added.

“The idea of commitment freaks me out, not only in a relationship but almost everything.

I will happily do things for someone until this word is brought in the picture, says Kavish Maheswari, Photographer.

Commitment is a scary prospect, I think people of our age believe in hookups, affairs and live-in relationships. Only a handful believe in the institution of marriage, Kavish added.

Committing to anyone is a big responsibility and I know I will fail in it, says Jaspreet Kaur, Marketing Executive.

People are living in loveless marriages purely for the sake of commitments that they made.

People grow out of love within a few years of the relationship, so why taste one ice cream when you can taste all the flavours of it, Jaspreet adds with a smile.

Ruchita Bhosale, a Travel blogger and Journalist says, “Marriage is not my priority, I don’t want my twenties to be spent in completing my education, working, marrying and then compromising on my life for the sake of love.

Relationships without any commitment are fun. You can carry your partner emotional baggage only upto the time you want and not for your whole life. Moreover, Marriage is no longer that happy ever after.

I fear commitment since I am an emotional being and commitment hurts. Even if its not immediately, five years down the line it will!. There is nothing called forever in my dictionary either.


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