Rotarian Moots Idea To Use Sleeper Buses as Night Shelters

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Rotarian Air Commodore Pankaj Mehrotra VSM ( Retd.) IAF has come up with the idea of using Sleeper Buses (coaches ) as night shelters.  Today, hundreds of sleeper buses are parked on city streets, bus depots, etc. Equipped with beds and minimal infrastructure required, these buses are all set to be used.

Industries are closed, all the businesses are closed and it is taking a huge toll on our economy. There are roadblocks in getting the industries started – how to you bring the workers in? Once they are in, where do they stay, etc.  These sleeper buses is the answer to all the questions. Buses can be used to transport the workers, and at the end of the day, the workers can sleep in these buses. Buses can be parked in the company premise. While following all the norms of social distancing, workers will be safe and comfortable in the buses and industries will get started.  

The buses can house 12 to 14 workers at a time, as opposed to their capacity to accommodate 30 to 36 sleepers. All cities have a fair number of buses, presently locked down, for possible use as night shelters.  Industries have already started considering these buses (CARAVANS or Vanity Vans) as night shelters for their workers, once Government hopefully grants the permission to commence production, post May 3, 2020. Food, sanitary and fumigation aspects can be addressed by the owners and cleared by the Government.  

On a different level, buses can also be used to transport “Migrant Workers” to their hometowns/villages in a safe manner with adequate physical separation (social distancing).

This model can be replicated by other districts and states and should be adopted by industries, hospitals, police stations, etc. Right now this the most effective way of being safe and at the same time getting the economy started and supporting the nation during these challenging times!

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