Srishti Alumnus, Photographer Mihika Row To Exhibit In Pune

Photography: Mihika Row

Mihika Row (25), a Bengaluru based photographer and alumnus of the Srishti school of Art,Design and Technology will be exhibiting her works at the Malaka Spice restaurant, Koregaon Park from Feb 1-15 and at the Malaka Spice, Baner road from Feb16-29. 

Mihika had a challenging childhood, where she could not walk till age two and had several delayed motor milestones. She has battled epilepsy and learning difficulties and the pain of being left out throughout her school life. However, in her later years, she bounced back as a talented photographer. 

In her Pune exhibition titled, “What the heart wants”, Mihika’s concept is based on her own poem, which is based on the feeling of betrayal, anger and frustration in a faltering friendship. 

Says the young photographer, “My project was about asking various dancers to read and relate to my poem.

I then asked them to interpret the emotions in it in their own individual style. While they did so, I would take photographs, trying to both capture the emotion and accentuate it through certain stylistic methods including using light, materials, angles and other differentiators.”

Photo Exhibition- Bengaluru based Mihika Row’s photo exhibition, ‘What the heart wants’ @ Malaka Spice, Koregaon park, FEB 1-15 and @Malaka Spice, Baner road, FEB 16-29.