Wo…Wo Jo Pyaar Hota Hai, A Play In Hindi

Wo...Wo Jo Pyaar Hota Hai, Hindi Play

Gyaan Adab in association with Kashish Dramatics brings you a theatrical performance in Hindi.

Everyone has different reasons for falling in love or to admit to the notion. For some of us it leads to marriage, but why do we need a legally binding certificate for true love? Wo…Wo Jo Pyar Hota Hai, is a light-hearted take on some such complexities of commitment in love and marriage.

The cast includes Ipsit Nayak, Mangesh, Paarul Deshpande, Sushmita Patil & Varun. The play is directed by Mitesh Sharma and written by Krishna Baldev Vaid.

When : Dec 1, 6 pm

Where : Gyaan Adab, Kalyani Nagar

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