The 15 Most Interesting, Unique, And Weird Jobs

You shouldn’t pursue ordinary jobs while you can settle for any of these exciting, unique, and weird jobs.

Forget about the normal run-of-the-mill jobs; there are crazy jobs in the world which might make your life a little interesting. If you desire to follow this unconventional path, here are some jobs for you to consider.

From the serious to the silly, here are fifteen most interesting, unique, and weird jobs available.

  1. Fake Facebooker Yes, that’s right. You could earn a living by becoming a fake facebooker. In essence, the client will approach you to create a fake Facebook account that will serve multiple purposes. For instance, you could serve as someone’s fake girlfriend, or maybe create an account to increase your client’s number of Facebook friends, or to like a company page. You’ll get paid to do all that.
  2. Feng Shui consultant Based on the Taoist principle, Feng Shui involves the flow of “chi,” or energy. As a consultant, you will help your client focus on his/her Chi to enhance their health and wellness. What’s more? Feng Shui can be self-taught. It can be practiced anywhere with adequate space, such as an office, home, or garden.
  3. Flavorist To be a Flavorist, you’ll need to have some background in chemistry or biochemistry. In essence, you will involve creating natural and artificial flavors. Many Flavorist jobs offer lucrative pay.
  4. Pick-up Artist Instructor– As a Pick-up Artist Instructor, you will be working with people, mostly men, who are having trouble meeting women.
  5. Professional Ethical Hacker– This involves test hacking a company’s software, making sure it’s secure from malicious attacks. Also, you could be paid to break into a network and recommend to improve security.
  6. Veterinary Acupuncturist A Veterinary Acupuncturist uses traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate the body. Using needles, the Veterinary Acupuncturist will treat anything from chronic pain to allergies. Interestingly enough, this same treatment can be used for animals such as dogs, cats, and other smaller animals.
  7. Fragrance Chemist This job involves developing and testing scents. Hence, if you specialize in the study of odor and molecules, then you can apply for a job that uses molecules for perfumes. Fragrance chemist creates perfumes for men and women, as well as soap, lotion, and toiletries.
  8. Hippotherapist- This refers to utilizing the natural movement of a horse as part of a patient’s treatment plan. This form of therapy can be very beneficial to a patient who has neurological and physical disabilities. Moreover, this treatment has become famous for children with multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, among other conditions.
  9. Body Painter– Usually, body painters work at fairs, festivals, and other events. But, body painters can also find new opportunities for video and photoshoots, as part of a designer’s artistic concept.
  10. Ayurveda Healer Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine system, which balances the body with natural remedies. As natural or plant-based remedies become popular, this has also created new career paths.
  11. Color expert- As a color expert, your work will involve combining color psychology, design theories, style, trends, and demographic changes, to incorporate color into a project. For example, this could include incorporating color into a company’s logo, or onto the layout of a room.
  12. Nail Polish Namer You might be wondering from where the unique nail polish names come from. Some companies hire people in advertising and marketing to do such jobs.
  13. Online reviewer As review sites such as Yelp become increasingly useful to consumers, you can become a freelancer and post reviews about restaurants, hotels, and other products. Moreover, you don’t need to try these products yourself.
  14. Horticultural therapist This involves using plants, and the planting process, to assist a patient with psychological and physical disabilities. The planting process is also used as a treatment strategy for people with a mental health condition.
  15. Bike courier As cities become more congested, bike courier services are becoming popular since they can avoid the transportation hassle. Cyclists are used for errand-running by man companies, mostly in the food industry. This is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world right now.


There are tons of jobs out there. One of them might be your next career or your fun part-time job. For a start, conduct a job search on, and siphon through the thousands of job opportunities available. Probably it’s time to forge a new career path for yourself.


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