This Is The Time To Hit Pune’s Shake Bars


Smoothie junkies about town now have reason to rejoice.

Be it a creamy strawberry milkshake you favour, or a sinful chocolate Gelato thick shake; Pune restos aim to please with dedicated shake bars.

Your options aren’t limited to dessert shakes either; for we ensure savory shakes and weight watcher favourites too have made our list –

One O Eight Cafe

Right from hot chocolate to mocha shots; One O Eight serves up some delicious beverages. They also offer a spectacular range of organic teas. Their Rose, chamomile and lavender brew is a special treat. Foodies swear by their chamomile, fennel and marshmallow root concoction that promises a unique twist.

Where: Koregaon Park



A top teen date spot, Tempteys truly tempts the teenage palate. If you have never outgrown your love for a sweet shake, then head on over and order up a sinful delight. They stand out for their Gelato shakes as well as some Yogurt-based variants that deliver a unique flavour. The fruity freshness of the toppings especially adds to the experience making it a must have.

Where: Viman Nagar


Drunken Monkey

Located in Eon IT park, the Drunken Monkey is a much-needed shake bar in Kharadi. Stopovers here are recommended whenever you need to sip on some thirst quenchers or even a thick shake. A tad pricey, this one delivers on taste, especially with the fig milk shake. A differentiating factor is that they insist on the dairy percentage being no more than 10 per cent in every beverage. If you’re cutting carbs, you may want to sample the musk melon shake.

Where: Kharadi


Royal Baking Co

Reasonably priced and beautifully packed, the Royal Baking Co specializes in bottled shakes.  Sip on the power juice if you need a pick-me-up; while the Bombay blue is sure to chase your blues away. Their pink lemonade and Passion Fruit soda are the best drinks for a hot day.

Where: Viman Nagar



Bringing the taste in healthy eating, Forennte specializes in protein shakes. Be it a spot of chocolate protein indulgence you seek after a tough yoga session or a berry smoothie treat you crave; this cafe has it all. Their mango and passion fruit smoothie is a must try.

Where: Koregaon Park




#All prices mentioned are indicative and readers are advised to check with the concerned outlets listed. All views expressed in this column are the authors.

*Originally curated and produced by Aditi Balsaver for Pune365 in 2017. Reproduced in reader interest. 

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