Sustained Participation Of Citizens In Smart Cities’ Process Crucial

Urban Planning - Smart City

Sustained participation of citizens is important for the success of the smart city concept as people are the most important stakeholders in development of modern cities, said urban planning expert Elke Pahl-Weber.

Ms Pahl-Weber who is Head of Chair, Urban Renewal and Sustainable Development at Technical University, was speaking at a conference on “Integrated Development and Co-production for Indian Cities” at the Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture (BNCA).

Pahl-Weber said citizen participation is very high at the stage of identifying the problems which a city faces but it dwindles as the process of examining the solutions and their implementation.

“Urban planning is not an area of political engagement alone, civic society must also muster its contribution,” she added.

Digitalisation is also crucial for development of smart cities she said, adding that optimum utilisation of resources is necessary as the gap between value-rich class and low income class is widening.

The conference was a part of a three-day Urbanlab#4 Workshop which is 4th in Urbanlab series after Berlin, Delhi and Coimbatore.

Under the guidance of Principal Dr Anurag Kashyap and Prof. Sujata Karve (HOD of department of environmental architecture); Prof. Prajakta Kulkarni, Prof. Namrata Dhamankar And Prof. Nidhi Dixit organized this conference + workshop in association with Indo-German Smart Initiatives (IGSI) Network. IGSI is a network of leading German research and planning institutions under Federal Ministry of Education and Research.