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Stunning actor Sampada Vaze is lighting up the screen as Sumitra in Siya Ke Ram aired on Star Plus. Her reason to come home are her two babies – Jedi and Tinkerbell. Let’s hear her story:

Inspite of his 45kg big boy appearance, Jedi the boxer is everything a big cuddly toy is made of. He loves making friends and stealing balls and sitting on actor and model Sampada Vaze’s lap. “I can’t even push him off,” laughs Vaze as Jedi demonstrates why. The exact opposite is Tinkerbell, Vaze’s miniature dachshund. The prim and proper little lady doesn’t part with her affections easily. When guests come, she prefers to look at them from behind Vaze. The two are the light of Vaze’s life. Given her hectic schedule, Tinkerbell and Jedi are her reason to come home, the little anchors in the sea of magic that Mumbai is.

For someone who grew up with dogs life without them seems an impossibility. As the gorgeous woman says, “every cliche from all the cute doggy forwards and pictures floating around is so true. My babies are my family. I will do everything to see that they are comfortable.”

You believe her when you see the AC left on only for Jedi. And when you see the raincoat and a collection of coats for summer and winter and jackets  (including one from Burberry) for Tinkerbell (because she feels the cold). You know its true, they are her babies, her family, indeed. Working in Mumbai, Vaze drives down on weekends with her winsome twosome to be with her human family in Pune.

It’s only love

Dogs love car rides, love listening to music, sit patiently when you watch late night shows. Pick your favourite activity and you have company. It is not for nothing they are called man’s best friend.

Jedi and Tinkerbell: People are amazed at the difference in the sizes of the two – Tinkerbell is the size of Jedi’s head! Vaze says, “Jedi was two when we got Tinkerbell. Since then he has been like a big brother to her. In fact, he used to put himself between her and me when he saw she was getting scolded. He still doesn’t like Tinkerbell being reprimanded.”

Peace and calm: Jedi’s sensitivity towards Vaze’s moods is touching. “Often he knows something is wrong before I do. I can’t get angry at all, forget shouting, even raised voices, especially mine are a complete no as Jedi will lick and lick and jump all over me till I stop being sad or angry. Tinkerbell goes and hides in the bathroom or in my cupboard if I raise my voice for whatever reason. Luckily I rarely get annoyed,” she grins.

Mr Mischief: Jedi is the ball boy. On a trip to Goa, he sauntered off on the beach and came back with a football which he didn’t let go! In Mumbai, Vaze opened the door to a maid, a Rottweiler a six-year-old boy once. The boy had thrown a ball which Jedi got. They wanted it back. On checking with the maid, Vaze found out that rather than surrender, Jedi swallowed it! So he was rushed for an emergency surgery and out came the tennis ball. Another time, he went for a walk and came back with a big football that he had stolen. Vaze has replaced/ returned all the stolen property!

Do adopt

“I’m glad that the sensitivity towards our Indian street dogs is growing. We have better awareness, sterilisation drives, celebs adopting them and even rules and laws being used or their betterment. I always tell all my friends that they too should adopt pets.”

Commitment: Jedi is nine years old. He has hip dysplacia and renal trouble. “I have to watch his weight and give him a proper diet. Apart from that he has to go to the vet twice a month for renal treatment. Tinkerbell is seven years old. She is nervous and over sensitive. Dealing with her is different from the way I am with Jedi. That they will both grow old and need different or specialised care is underlined,” adds Vaze. It’s the same with all pets, so please be ready for giving your pets the best through all their life. After all, family is family, she explains.

Vaze and her former husband share custody of the dogs – with both getting the dogs every alternate month. “We have a legal document that states the same since Jedi and Tinkerbell are family for both of us. The judge told us we were setting a precedent when we got it done about two years’ ago,” adds Vaze.

11June_Pets_Uma headshot03Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. She’s fond of animals and is parent to two mixed breed dogs and a Guinea pig. She also looks after homeless dogs in her area.’Furholics’ will appear every Saturday on Pune365.

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan