#Furholics Presents Leo- The Handsome Darling At The Sanzgiri’s

#Furholics - Leo

Boxers Are Known As The Clowns Of The Dog Family…

They love to sit their giant bodies in your small laps, jump and crave attention like there’s no tomorrow. and their jaws, well…they are meant to give very slobbery kisses.

So at Aarti and Sujeet Sanzgiri‘s residence, bringing home a boxer was a unanimous decision and in came a darling Leo Sujeet Sanzgiri, five years ago.

#Furholics - Leo

Sujeet Scinnoviti, a young venture that focuses on nurturing student leadership and innovation, tells us about their darling Leo:

The Boxer

We had read a lot about brindle vs fawn boxers, and how brindle boxers can be a little more unpredictable. My wife had a fawn boxer when she was young, so she was sure of the fawn temperament. Leo, as a pup, seemed to display a lot of the “unpredictability” – lots of biting (gnawing really) and jumping. But as he matured, he has turned into the most predictable dog we have had in the family.

Super friendly, very loving, especially caring for the children, and obedient. When he wants to be hyper, he can be, otherwise his attitude towards life is chilled out. He’s been named Leo Sujeet Sanzgiri by the kids. So…

He’s never been away at a kennel, there’s always someone at home with him. That’s a big relief for us when we are travelling – to know that he’s going to be well taken care of.

Pet Parenting

I think pet parents must have patience, forgiveness and love. Unless a dog is treated as a part of the family, it is very difficult to connect with them. And they seek these connections. You need patience to get them up to speed from pups to young adults.

#Furholics - Leo

You need to forgive them, if they do wrong in some way (one has to remember that they aren’t humans, so they may do un-human things once in a while). If you give them some love, they will give you loads back in return.

The Routine

It seems “sleep” (and snore) is quite routine. In between he likes to go for a stroll in our backyard to do his thing. Likes to go up to the terrace to sunbathe once in a while (or when he wants to get away from the kids’ cacophony).

#Furholics - Leo

Every night without fail, Leo wants to go for a post meal walk – perhaps so that he can enjoy his sleep better! He also gets a lot of hugs from my daughter.

Food For Thought#Furholics - Leo with kids

Leo loves mutton. Loves eggs. Loves rice. And of course, anything sweet (unhealthy sweet that is) – not fruits – unless its watermelon. He seems to have a knack of knowing whether the food was cooked yesterday or today. He’s a connoisseur. And BBQ is absolutely his thing – the other day he was staring at my bhutta!

Friends Of A Colour

He has one recent canine friend who comes and sits outside our house. They’re both brindle, so must be some connection! Feline – dead meat!

The Happy Baby

We took him to the dog show, was his first ever car ride. By the time he got there he was hyper and with all the dogs around he got tired. He didn’t quite want to stand in the ring, just went and plonked right in front of the judges.

The day he discovered the flashlight was hilarious. He simply started chasing it like a mad dog. To date, that is the best ROI on a dog exercise that I’ve got – I just sit in one place, turn on a flashlight, and move my hands around, while he exercises himself.

What makes you love him so much?

Its just that he’s him I guess. And knowing that he, though from a different species has unconditional love for the family!

A love like no other indeed!


Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan