#Furholics: It’s Raining Super Cats And Dogs At Riya’s Home

Furholics - Riya's Pets
Snow & Icy, Bolt, Gullyboy, Naughty and Blacky

Speaking to Pune365, Riya Shah, owner of pet hostel and canine trainer shares the lovely stories of the wonderful pets who mean the world to her…

A beaming Riya says, “Naughty is a Rottweiler who came home when he was 9 months old. We are incidentally the 10th family to adopt him. I believe that it was sheer destiny that brought is to each other. My other baby is Bolt, A Belgian Malinois, Bolt and naughty are both two years old.

Blacky is 10 year and an Indie girl who came into my life a year ago, though it seems like she’s been with me forever.  Despite her age, Blacky is super sporty and active enough to run and scale a 5 feet wall near my home.

Mr Snow and Ice are my two Persians. Snow is male and Ice is his partner and for me, my cuddle pals! They were brought in to socialise with other pets who have behavioural issues while they come to my boarding.

Furholics - Riya with her Pets

Speaking about their interests Riya shares, Naughty is one tough dog and taught me to live happily with the scars. Naughty’s bad breeding & complex history of upbringing has given me a lot of practical experience dealing with all this.

Specifically, issues like not trusting humans, food aggression, stubbornness, aggression towards humans and other pets and temperament issues. Thankfully, I am a canine behaviourist so I try and resolve most of these issues. Naughty is now a super obedient boy too.

Riya shares that Bolt is her cuddle buddy. Besides being her obedience demo dog, he makes for an energetic companion for her daily tasks.

Incidentally, Bolt is getting prepared for the increasingly popular US founded dog sport in India, PSA-The Protection Sports Association. This offers a competitive environment for both protection and obedience training.

Blacky is my fitness motivator, Says Riya. ” She is very docile and cuddly. She is always up for belly rubs, food and playtime. Mr Snow and Icy make a great example of being grumpy and Bossy, yet the remains gentlest of all. In fact, both of them comfort me by purring if I am unwell, Riya adds.

Speaking about her newly adopted kid, Gully boy, Riya says, He is a two and a half month old indie pup who I rescued.

Furholics - Riya's Pets
Gullyboy – The newly adopted

I saw him on the road entwined in maanja (Kite thread) and he was also maggot ridden to the extent of not being able to stand on his hind legs.

The vet examined him and said “If he survives for 5 days or more, he will live forever or if he’s destined to die, he’ll die anytime. However, I decided to keep the treatment going and he survived!”

After a few specific exercises, his hind legs are recovering well and he is now running and playing around in a separate area in my house.

He loves unlimited cuddling and the best thing about him is that even though he is in such a state, he is so obedient and litters only in the bathroom, she added.

On their food habits, “Naughty and Bolt are food freaks and they even eat their deworming tablets like it is a treat. Both are high energy dogs and thrive on food and exercise.

Bolt sleeps but stays very alert about his surroundings. while Naughty sleeps with his belly up and in deep slumber. Blacky stays out since she prefers being in the open. She eats sensibly and is agile. Gullyboy is my first Indie pup raising experience, though his case is challenging, its all worth it when I look into his eyes every night before bed.

When the world sleeps, Mr. Snow and Icy are on their favourite game duty each night. Well fed, they slip into my bed at 4am and purr themselves to sleep. I am cozy in love, thanks to them, Riya adds smiling.


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