Where Have All The Mentors Gone?

Leader or Mentor
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The process of mentoring is believed to be the conscious transfer of knowledge and wisdom from a wise professional to a mentee or student in order to chart their future.

While mentors play an important role in shaping careers, it is now increasingly difficult to find a true mentor. Grooming is now restricted to dictums from leaders, rather than a process that sees deep involvement of the leaders.

Pune365 decided to speak to leaders and working professionals to ascertain the obvious shift from mentoring to purely a leadership oriented scenario.

“A mentor will always be the one who nurtures your ability as a leader!” says Manoj Pethe, Businessman.

We often discuss the qualities of leadership, yet nobody is still able to define leadership well enough. Business coaching and mentoring a young champ to enable him run a good business is essential. Leadership is a powerful position, and his actions will help decide the company’s future.

Leaders only tell people what to do, while the mentor explains and demonstrates these abilities carrying their teams with them all the while.This conviction is needed to become an effective mentor. It is far more critical today to have mentors, as opposed to leaders, Pethe adds.

“Interns and freshers are never valued at the workplace, they are more treated like the peons of the office, at least in our industry. This is despite the, being very creative and enthusiastic,” quips a fashion designer Snehal Surve.

Today’s employee is tomorrow leader and it is a leaders duty to shape their teams future.. Companies today, hardly put any effort in shaping an employees future. Work is only to meet targets and most often the leader just exhibits attitude rather than guiding people in their daily tasks.

If we don’t change this attitude in today’s leaders, the next generation will do exactly follow the same pattern and move on with their lives, Snehal adds.

“It is always good to pass on knowledge and wisdom and this isn’t about giving good appraisals or promotions, but boosting someone can give you immense joy,” says Hanumant Parkhe, a city businessman.

A leader is not the only one who can perform the role of a mentor. In fact, any experienced, committed professional in the field can be a good mentor to work with.

Today’s leaders often just tell their team members to get the work done like a typical boss. I believe that a true leader must inspire his people for them to work effectively.

A good leader and mentor will always guide you to set your goals, advice and help you fit in well with the corporate culture, Parkhe adds.

“Leaders today hardly want to put an effort to become a mentor and guide people,” says Abhishek Kale, Financial advisor.

Many of this new breed of bosses are only leaders who are respected only for a good fancy cabin and chair they occupy. I have never seen a leader or the boss coming to my desk and correcting my mistakes. They would rather prefer judging me and branding me a poor performer!

This definition of leadership should be changed if we aim to define the future of the company. If we’re treated like this, this will eventually be a vicious cycle in the corporate world.

As a fresher, it is critical for me to understand my sector and without a mentor, it is rather difficult, Abhishek adds


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