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Anxiety, Depression and Mental illness have been the primary reasons for the increasing suicide rates in our country.

Unfortunately, the number of people getting afflicted with mental health issues have been growing at a staggering pace… 

Yet, consulting a Psychiatrist remains more or less taboo in our country and most people believe that visiting a qualified mental health specialist would leave them branded mad or unstable.

We spoke to Dr.Manish Bajpayee, a leading psychiatrist of the city, who was very vocal with on this stark reality.

Depression isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s not something you can just “let go off “. It is an illness that requires professional treatment. Yet with the right care, people can recover.

To break this obvious stigma, we need to be fully aware of the issues concerning mental health in India. If you, or anyone close to you is suffering, get help immediately. Re-assure them by telling them that they are not alone. This is a time when emotional support becomes imperative.

“It’s the need of the hour that mental health care services should be provided to every one in need, so that no one gets left out at any stage of their life. There should be awareness camps and seminars to create awareness among all the groups of people.

It all can start with only one person who can make a difference and that person is YOU! Do what you can do from your end to help fight the stigma in India.” Dr. Bajpayee adds.

 “In the society we live in today we have become so competitive, that in the process we have become insensitive to the people living around us.” says Ruchita Singh, TYBSC student.

“Everyone is so engrossed with their work that even if one is trying to reach out and talk about something, we hardly pay any attention and move on.

Ignorance is the thing that is sustaining all this. If all of us really study mental illnesses and understand how to help those going through these issues, it will no longer be a taboo, adds Ruchita,

“People in the city believe that taking care of the physical aspect of one’s health is the only aspect that is important,” says Prithvi Bhatt, Game Programmer.

Most of the times they fail to realize that keeping a healthy mind is just as important as physical fitness. However, a healthy body without a healthy mind is of no use. In fact, it may actually be, in most cases detrimental to the society.

Good health then, is inclusive of physical, mental and social well being and does not signify just the absence of some infirmity,” he adds.

“It is a matter of time, don’t worry you’ll grow out of it, stop listening to this kind of advise and seek a professional’s help”. says Arvind Desai, businessman.

It’s time to understand and support our loved ones in whatever they do. Because if we don’t reduce this unnecessary pressure on our youth today, the consequences in the future will be detrimental, he adds.

The lack of support and social stigma has today, affected several people who are now afraid to talk about mental illness fearing backlash from the society.

Whether it’s the foolish college cut-off lists, or the pressure of choosing an academic stream under family and societal pressure the anxiety just adds up.





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