#LifePartner: How Would You Break The News To Your Parents ?

Sharing with Parents
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This is probably one of the toughest hurdles a young person has to brace for and yet most have to go through this at some point of time..

No, this isn’t about going to war or preparing for the civil services. This is about discussing your love life and introducing your partner of choice to your parents.

There is a chance it that your boat may sail, or it could just rock big time ruining your plans..

Pune365 spoke to couples and parents to get their take on approaching this sensitive topic, that is considered tricky by most young people. 

“I will probably invite him to a family function and introduce him to everyone in the family, Later, I will share this news with my elder brother and have him convey it to my parents,” says Ayesha Ingle,

Disha Desai, a writer says, “I will follow the old method of introducing him as my friend first, keep him in their good books and talk about him frequently.  As and when they ask me about marriage, it would be easy to announce it.”

Tarun Waghela, Entrepreneur says, “It is going to be pretty obvious to them, when I make her meet. Till date, I have never had any female friends, so it is going to be easy.

We have a very friendly environment in the house, yet, I never spoke to any female in school.” Nowadays, if somebody wants to tell their parents about their affair, a simple way is by posting it on facebook! he adds.

I would take my parents out for dinner, and call my partner there and then behave as though it was all a coincidence. This way, I can act introduce her to my parents and tell them openly that I want to marry her.

If not that, I would send a WhatsApp msg on my family group, or just add her to the group directly,” says Vishal Shirkhe, Administrative employee.

My mom and I have always been close to each other, I have shared every bit of my life with her. Being a poet, I would write a poem  

and express it to my mom,” says Anup Yevale, Art Director.

Swalekha Shaikh, Housewife, “Our generation was totally different. I met my husband only on our wedding day.

This generation makes the parents meet and have them decide everything. They’re very practical about it.”

As a mother of two daughters who were raised in a conservative environment, (courtesy my in-law!) it is still tough for me to accept that my daughter has phone conversations with her male friends every night.

I would like to know the guy, his family background, educational background, his nature and probably then, I will agree to their marriage.

I just cant accept that one fine day, my daughter may just introduce me to a boy and tell me that she wants to marry him, Shaikh adds.

Milind Bhargude, Techie, says “These things are well sorted when you live in a city, but can be very difficult to express it to parents who are brought up in a rural environment.”

Parents in villages are scared of social ostracisation and hence they rarely allow any such thing, no matter how hard you try.

I will probably writes a letter to my parents and explain it to them and then go for a long vacation to avoid the arguments and emotional blackmail. As it is, facing them on this topic is next to impossible.

“Indian society is more liberal now than before, but we still have parents who believe in the arranged marriage system.” Suvarna Kadam, Hotelier.

I would obviously introduce the guy as my friend first and later when my parents start hunting for a groom, I will reveal the truth to them.

Nowadays parents have to agree to their children as anything is possible now, if parents decline.. So, if we get into a situation like this, I would like the boy to be direct with us on his intention of marrying our daughter.

And the same goes for my son, I should know the girl well in advance, says Asha Parmar, Housewife.




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