When Age Is Just A Number, Weddings Happen!

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Age is something which doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese…

These were prophetic words from the famous Spanish film director Luis Bunuel and prophetically. many actors from the world of cinema went on to prove him right.

Hollywood has its own share of personalities who let age remain just a number and got into holy matrimony with the love of their lives (or in some cases not) who were sometimes decades younger.

These couples have battled time and some won and some failed.

Bollywood too hasn’t been far behind. This was fact was reinforced when model/actor Milind Soman, 52, tied the knot with Ankita Konwar, 27, the 25-year age gap notwithstanding.

Her parents did not mind after meeting Soman. He, of course, has experience in this sort of thing, having earlier had a relationship with Shahana Goswami, who was 21 years his junior. That lasted four years.

And there are others too. Here is a look at some couples, both Hollywood and Bollywood, who married partners much younger than themselves.


Kabir Bedi/Parveen Dusanj: Age Gap – 29 years

This handsome, bearded man has a way with women, even if they are fit enough to be his daughter. He married Parveen a day before his 70th birthday on January 15, 2016 after a long relationship.

Dilip Kumar/Saira Banu:  Age Gap – 23 years

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar met Saira Banu when he was 45 and she 22. They fell in love and got married. They are very much in love even today.

Sanjay Dutt/Manyanta:  Age Gap – 19 years

It proved third time lucky for Sanjay Dutt after a lot of heartbreaks. He met Manyanta and they got married and have two kids.

Rajesh Khanna/Dimple Kapadia: Age – 16 years

The late Rajesh Khanna simply swept Dimple off her feet when at age 16 just after she became a big hit with her debut film Bobby. He was 31 then. Their marriage lasted until Khanna’s death in 2012 but their relationship was strained in the latter years.

Shahid Kapoor/Mira Rajput: Age Gap  – 13 years

They took everyone by surprise when they got married in 2015. He laughed it off by claiming to have said when he was eighteen he couldn’t have thought of marrying a girl of just five.


Arlene Silver/Dick Van Dyke:  Age Gap – 46 years

Emile Livingstone/Jeff Goldbum – Age Gap – 31 years

Alec Baldwin/Hilaria – Age Gap – 26 years

Dane Cook/Kelsi Taylor: Age Gap – 26 years

Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones: Age Gap – 25 years

Leonardo DiCaprio/Camila Morrone: Age Gap – 23 years

Aaron Johnson/Sam Taylor Wood: Age Gap – 23 years

Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart: Age Gap – 22 years

Warren Beatty/Annette Bening: Age Gap – 21 years

Jason Stratham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Age Gap – 20 years

George Clooney/Amal: Age Gap – 17 years

Camila Elvis/Mathew McConaughey: Age Gap – 13 years

Hugh Jackman/Deborra Lee-Furrnes: Age Gap – 13 years

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