What If Life Gave You Another Chance?

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I have been a chef for 14 years now and I am really happy being one, but this was not part of my plan says, Jaysheel Gorada (Head chef).

Most human beings set out with a dream and a pre-decided career path, but more often than once, they end up pursuing something that is radically different.

However, what if life were to offer yet another opportunity and one had a chance to flip sides?

We spoke to a cross-section of people and posed this question:

Says, Jaysheel “Kabaddi and Basket Ball were my favorite sports and I wanted to be a sportsman.

My parents were farmers and our finances weren’t in good shape, and there was no bread earner. This is when I decided to become a chef. Also, my parents and I were never on the same page, so sports was just a dream.

Now, when people praise my cooking I feel good.

Rajshree Nimgirde ( Company Secretary ) says,” I decided to become a CS while I was pursuing my 12th. If I got a chance to change my career, I would love to be an entrepreneur and start my own school.

I dream to be a managing director of a business, or organization which I have started. There are many reasons for this but the major one is that I want the result of my hard work to be my success…

Also when one has its own business, you are free to work in your own style. CS is a part of my dream too and someday I will definitely own a business.

It’s been 2 years that I started this restaurant. Prior this I was a manager at one of my friend’s restaurant. Since my childhood, I desired to become an accountant, but I ended up being a hotelier, opines” Devdas Goenka Nayak.

My friend had some financial concern in his restaurant, so he asked me to oversee his accounts and this is how I entered hotel Industry. If got a chance again, I would like to go back to being an accountant! Being an accountant can be challenging but it is worth it, i now use an online accountant myself, it helps with my own business expenses and keeping on top of other important financials in day-to-day life.

Hemant Sharma ( Chartered Accountant) says,” I have passed the Intermediate level and I am doing my articleship now.

If not a CA I would have definitely been an engineer. I love machines and that is my happy space. My brother filled my CPT form and rest of my friends were also heading towards commerce so I end up being CA.

Lately, I realized that it was a nice option to become a CA and I am glad that I picked it, but engineering is still my dream”.

If I were not a rickshaw driver I would have certainly become a writer.

I have read books about religion and science and everything. I ride an Auto because I have no other option,” affirs Mohammed Rafique( Auto-Rickshaw Driver). I was an entrepreneur and opened my printing firm but I had severe losses. But I didn’t lose hope and I started my glass firm and faced losses there too.

I faced failure in business thrice and then I decided to be a rickshaw driver. Everything is destiny.

Satish Rao ( Restaurant Manager),” It has been 4 months now, that I am the manager of this restaurant and before this, I had my own canteen. I faced losses and experienced a really hard phase.

Destiny comes with no insurance, but I certainly wish to become an owner of a restaurant again”.


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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