Pune’s Techies Enjoy Staying Away From Technology

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Technology has given rise to this unique breed of tech-savvy individuals who spend their lives around machines. Yet interestingly, given a chance they break away from their technology lives and read or just spend time outdoors to destress and relax…

A recent study also reported that technical people prefer reading books and socially interacting rather than bonding digitally.

We decided to check this trend and this is what Pune’s techies confessed to:

Sanket Patane, Mechanical Engineer, says,” Being an engineer, technology and my life goes hand in hand, but I don’t enjoy it in every aspect.

To read a book, I still want to have its hard copy. Also, I am more of a fitness-related person and like gymming, so I enjoy going out and meeting people face to face, rather than spend my leisure time with gadgets.

After finishing engineering, I worked for a while, but then that wasn’t exciting me, I did an MBA to boost my job profile, I just didn’t want to stick only to technical stuff.

Shantanu Suryawanshi, IT professional says,” Apart from technical gadgets, I enjoy most outdoor activity.

To go on long drives, playing cricket, also at traveling to one place in a month are my hobbies. I believe the technical people aren’t that techie. They prefer staying away from tech stuff in real life.

I enjoy being with friends on a weekend and going out together, though, for reading, I prefer the digital versions of books, especially the technical ones.

Kamlesh Chandrakanth Jadhav, Consultant, says. I like doing things involving physically activity like going out, I don’t read much, but some articles I do enjoy.

Technology is good, but I think it shouldn’t be in everything. People should go out and enjoy the outdoors, rather than sitting alone with a PC.


Neeraj Patane, Software Engineer says,” I am more of an outdoor person. I go out to meet friends, workout, exercise, play sports.

I don’t read that much. Technical is, of course, my forte, but after doing it from Monday to Friday I don’t feel like doing it after that.

Meeting people in person, interacting, doing anything different from my regular schedule interests me, Technology is a great thing, but some things are better untechnical.

Parikshit Kulkarni
, Trader of Automachine Parts, says, “Apart from technology, I have hobbies like reading and playing, but I prefer reading from a Kindle than a physical book and gaming is also a hobby.

I like playing badminton outside ,but I can still spend hours on a PlayStation. I prefer meeting people in person. I have a set of friends who I have known for over 10 years, and we meet almost every day.

So I think in this technical world people, should make some place for a technology free world.

Gaming can have its advantages though. Multiplayer PC games such as League of Legends allow players to buy league of legends accounts and engage in battles or competitions with gamers from all over the world. This creates a social experience for everyone involved.

Ashish Joshi
, a Marketing and IT head said, “I prefer everything technical. I like reading books also digitally,y because they are easy to carry and available to me, all the time.

Also, talking about gaming outdoors or indoors, I don’t play games though, Ideally people should spend time outdoors.. Its always better to be out, rather than restrict yourself in a room.

Tushar Rawal
, Engineer says,” I am fond of technology. I really enjoy dealing with its parts and specifications. But in my everyday life, I do not even use social media that much,

After working on a computer for 8 hours a day, I don’t feel like doing anything technical. I don’t read that much but I like the outdoors more…


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