Is Eating Alone A Sign Of Unhappiness?

Eating alone
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Quite recently, a study revealed that people eating alone at restaurants are most often sad and moody.

While this is a distinct possibility say some Puneites, most feel that this is just another assumption courtesy the society we live in.

Pune365 spoke to cafe owners and a few regular customers to understand whether this trend is linked to a person’s mood or sense of happiness:

Nichiket Dutta, A cafe owner says,” Yes I think that people who eat alone are dealing with some issue. Actually, in a place like mine, many people come alone to sip a coffee and read or write, but in these situations, they don’t appear gloomy.

They rather enjoy their own company. People who come alone are not just here to eat, they come to either unwind, or think about something. This is evident from their gestures.

A hungry person will never take 45 minutes to finish a sandwich. We tend not to disturb these customers in order for them to have the peace they seek. Yet, from what I have noticed, some people eating alone are definitely sad about something.

“I don’t know about whether it is being sad or no,  but I eat alone quite often and I like it. It’s not necessary to have someone with you always, says Sneha Patil, A sales executive.
Also, I am more of a non-vegetarian and most of my friends are vegetarians so I don’t mind eating alone.

But It gives me peace. When I eat, I do think of issues but after that, I am fine. One thing I know is that, I don’t feel sad when I eat alone. I treat myself by ordering a lot and it is often too much, so I have to pack it for my next meal. It is fun though and soothing.

Jyoti Nayak, A restaurant owner, says, “Most people come here with friends and family and only a few come alone. I come across a lot of people every day and I do think that people coming alone are probably not happy or just want to eat alone and relax. In a crowd, one can’t find peace.

People coming alone usually plug-in their earphones, or talk on a call while they eat. They often appear irritated or stressed. Some even come because their’s nobody in their house to cook

We get to know if someone is upset by their ordering style and gestures. They look for the loneliest place to sit and they’ll order a tea or coffee, or something that will take time to finish.

Sometimes when I have had no company and I have been really very hungry, then I have eaten alone says, Casilda Mendonca.

When one eats alone, the people around make them feel cautious. Like when I eat, I have noticed that they are curious to know If I am waiting for someone or not and they even judge you.

I don’t want to get distracted by them, so I check my phone and reply to some messages or watch a video while I eat. I eat alone, but I am uncomfortable. I don’t prefer eating alone if I have a choice.

“I don’t mind eating alone, but I can’t eat alone in a restaurant. Cafes and food joints are good, but in a family restaurant kind of place, it’s difficult says, Deepali Shah, a teacher.

Sometimes I really like going alone for a coffee to relax. If I am dealing with a problem and am quite ruffled about it, then I go out alone to destress myself. 

A loner is not always sad, but yes they could be stressed about something”


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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