Five Handy Travel Accessories You Must Own

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Every second person is a traveller today if social media timelines are anything to believe…

Yet, travel takes a lot of planning to ensure that you are well equipped for every little need on that trip. Be it your phone charger, the speaker that you found on, or just the good lock on that bag.

We scouted around for some great accessories that can make your travel smarter and trouble free and here is what we found:

Ravean Jacket: Carrying several pairs of jackets when you are ravelling to a cold place may keep you warm but will load you with excess baggage too. Here’s the Ravean jacket that is heat producing and perfect for all cold climates. Apart from this unique feature, it has several interior and exterior pockets and thumb gloves. It also has buttons to control the heat

Lug-Loc: Have there times when you are traveling alone and you were worried to leave your bag unattended while you go to freshen up? Here’s lug-loc for y

It’s a device that locates your luggage and you can keep track of it through your phone. Simply connect it to the app and you are carefree to travel.


Polatap: A handy multi-functional device that is compact and packs in a lot of features.

A magnetically attached battery charger, bluetooth speaker, earphones, universal cable kit, a compact bluetooth receiver and noise cancelling earphones and all of this in one small case.



Finger-Pow: Finger Pow is a really tiny pocket charger.

It has four pocket chargers that charge when connected to a plate.

These pocket chargers are detachable and each can charge 40% of a phone battery at one go.

Task-In: Task-in is one of a kind bag that is compact but can hold several things.

It has small bags for different pairs of clothing or cosmetics and a separate compartment for shoes.



#All images and details only for reader information. Readers are advised to check all finer details before ordering these gadgets online.


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