The Iconic Leading Ladies Of Bollywood And Their Work

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The Hindi film industry has produced several classics that saw unforgettable performances from the industry’s leading ladies of that era. Each one, iconic, respected and looked upon for inspiration till this day.

Today, we present the films of five iconic actors specially curated from the #Pune365 Movies Archives. 

Waheeda Rehman

Waheeda Rehman Movies
Waheeda Rehman

Her beauty captured the hearts of millions, her acting ability was hailed by many. The beautiful Waheeda Rehman has had a successful run in Hindi cinema, which started with the Guru Dutt venture CID.

She never looked back. Guru Dutt was absolutely enamoured by her and he cast her in many of his hit films. She is a wonderful dancer too. No-one can forget her dances in the film Guide, where she excelled in one of the most difficult roles in cinema. Read More…


Madhubala_MoviesThe woman with the wonderful face and a smile to die for – Madhubala enchanted moviegoers and became an icon of Hindi cinema.

From the courtesan who falls for the Mughal prince Salim in Mughal-e-Azam to the ever-smiling journalist in Kala Pani, Madhubala had great acting skills along with her good looks.

She preferred a veiled secrecy around her and rarely attended social events. However, she was extremely popular and crowds thronged the venues where she was shooting. Sadly a hole in the heart ended her great career at the age of 36. Here are five films of Madhubala which are sure to entrance you. Read More…

Jaya Bachchan

Jaya Bacchan MoviesShe was considered one of the finest actresses of her time and an all time favourite of  Hindi cinema. Jaya Bachchan’s naturalistic style of acting, her spontaneity and the warmth she radiated on screen enamoured her film audiences.

She was perfect for her time and many of her feel good films gained popularity. Later on in her life, she still continued to steal the show and a tally of nine Filmfare awards that amply show her worth. Read More…

Shabana Azmi

Shabana-Azmi-MoviesShabana Azmi along with Smita Patil, held centre-stage in both parallel and commercial cinema, infusing neo-realism in films which have survived even today. Shabana was inspired after watching Jaya Bachchan in a diploma film and decided to learn acting at the Film and Television Institute of India.

She has experimented in a variety of genres and done exceedingly well, winning many awards in her distinguished career.  Shabana is considered among the best actresses in Indian cinema. Read More…

Smita Patil

She died well before her time, yet Smita Patil left an indelible mark in the history of cinema.

Tall and good looking, she could exude seriousness and sensuality with panache. Like all good actors, she had presence and effortlessly changed from the slum-dweller in Chakra to an urban office worker in Namak Halal. Though initially restricted to parallel cinema and serious subjects, she adjusted to commercial cinema with ease. Read More…


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