Theatre – The Clown Who Knew Too Much

Clown Who Knew Too Much

Gyaan Adab presents Patio Theatre, a delightful mix of original dance, theatre and music, curated into an hour-long experience performed in courtyards and open public spaces. The premier of Patio Theatre is being presented in collaboration with Flour Works and features The Clown who knew too much, a whacked out take on a world of bartered dreams.

The theatre, dance and music show stars actors Rohan Agarwal, Anub George, Joel D’souza, Niki Ray, dancer Alakananda Chatterjee and singer-songwriter Sarthak Dua. Production support from Nadia Sen Sharma and Sudipta Mukherjee. This is the creation of playwright Randhir Khare.

When : March 16, 7 pm

Where : Flour Works, Kalyani Nagar

Call : 020 6521 7333

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