SMEcorner Expands Presence In Pune With New Branch

Samir Bhatia - SMEcorner
Samir Bhatia, Founder and CEO SMEcorner

Digikredit Finance Pvt. Ltd., a NBFC which owns and operates under the name SMEcorner, has announced the opening of its second branch in Pune.

SMEcorner focuses on providing quick access to secured and unsecured loans to Indian MSMEs and provides both online and offline process option to a borrower. SMEcorner had opened its first branch in February this year andf the additional branch will help SMEcorner to reach out to customers in a new geographical area.

In the next couple of years, it aims to be the preferred credit partner for the estimated 100,000 unorganised retailers in Pune.

“Pune is considered one of the most enterprising cities in India and is known for its quick uptake on new technology and innovations,” said Samir Bhatia, Founder and CEO, SMEcorner .

“We believe through our simple process and flexible approach towards credit products, we will be able to support the enterprising nature of the city retailers and be growth partners for the MSME and unorganised retail sector.”

SMEcorner has a dual approach towards the loan process. An interested party can apply for a loan online through the mobile app or desktop. After filling a few details, they are informed about the eligibility and next steps in a few minutes. However, as the next step, SMEcorner insists on one-one-one meeting with the loan applicant before the loan is approved.

SMEcorner believes its insistence on one-one-one meeting before disbursement of loans is what gives them an edge in the competitive fintech sector. The meeting works at multiple level, it gives SMEcorner representative an opportunity to understand the need of the customer and guide him towards the right loan amount and duration. The representative is also able to guide the customer through the documentation process.

On the other hand, meeting the customer at their location gives SMEcorner an insight into the customers establishment. While the front-end process is relationship drives, SMEcorner has a robust tech-backend to ensure the loans are disbursed within three working days, the back-end technology combines machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence to take a credit call.

SMEcorner was recently recognised by the Maharashtra Govt for their OCR technology and it aims to patent it soon.