Shih Tzu Time With Coco, Maggi, Simba And Mylo At The Dougall’s


She prefers to stay up on the sofa, just out of reach of her three little ones. Try as they may, their little legs just aren’t tall enough to reach mom.

So, Coco naps while Maggi, Simba and Mylo are busy playing with each other. But let the playing turn even slightly rowdy and the mom is off her perch in a twix and barking them into control.

Not just her little ones, Coco has her human family, the Dougall’s wrapped around her finger too. So much so that when mom Ashvini Dougall takes her for a walk, Coco insists on being carried back on her return. “She is just so sweet that I can’t help it,” smiles Ashwini picking her up and admonishing her at the same time.

The Gentle Girl

Peering out of her furry face, Coco stares at the passersby fussing over her. She is the light of her family. The very gentle almost four year old rarely barks, unless she sees a cat or a bird flies into her terrace.

Looking after a Shih Tzu
Walk her thrice a day: Morning, evening and just before I sleep.
I have a groomer come in twice a month. Once is for shampoo+ conditioning (The fur becomes rough without conditioner), nail cutting, eyes and ears cleaning and teeth brushing. The second grooming session includes all of the above + hair trimming and anti tick treatment. The anti tick treatment is only good if the ticks are few, otherwise you need to apply spot on. (In the rainy seasons mainly )

Her problem is only food, typical of many small breed dogs. “She is extremely fussy which worries me,”adds Ashvini. Otherwise, Coco (short for Coco Chanel), is a proper darling.

Mamas Girl

Devoted to Ashvini, Coco goes from room to room behind Ashwini. Sofa to floor to chair to bed – wherever Ashvini goes. She is such a little doll that Ashwini automatically plants a kiss on her little girl ever so often!

She doesn’t like dry dog food. Boiled and shredded chicken is one meal, chapatis with ghee is the second meal. Doctors do not advise chapatis but it’s what I have given all my dogs so far and it’s worked fine.
She loves Bluberry chewsticks.

“We are not disciplinarians so she is allowed to go everywhere she wants in the house. We never say no to her. But there are times she gets an angry look from me. That is all it takes for her to do the right thing,” laughs Ashvini, a home maker.

The Pups

Coco has three pups, her only litter so far. Her pregnancy saw her move from eating healthy to hardly eating to being very nauseous. The difficult part was her delivery which took 28 hours.

“She was very exhausted as the first two took about 24 hours to come,” says Ashvini. Today, while Coco is very protective of her three ups, she is never insecure and lets guests play with them too.

“We thought we will keep just one pup and get the rest adopted.

But since she had only three, we are giving one to the father of the pups and keeping the other two!

They will be good company for Coco and we can go for family dinners guilt free,” says Ashvini running her hands over Maggis head.

We love the love!


Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan