Pune’s Married Couples Losing Interest In Physical Intimacy?

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Pune couples who have been married a couple of years confessed to the fact that physical intimacy is not longer a priority for them…

There obviously is some truth in the ‘honeymoon period’ and ‘after’ paradigm that people seem to experience.

Pune365 met a few couples to understand why such an important aspect of a relationship is now taking a back seat.

With time everything starts losing interest and the same goes for sex. It is also another major reason for increasing divorce in the city says, Kiran Jaiswal, housewife.

The need fades after several years of marriage, the possible reason in our case is overdoing it. I can’t stand to perform to the same routine of intimacy every night compromising my sleep.

Being married for 29 years, we’re over the phase of excitement. We have sex once in a while which doesn’t last for more than 10 minutes and there is no great excitement after a certain period of time.

Moreover, my husband gets short of breath issues so we cannot keep it going long. Hence we avoid it completely, Kiran added.

Loss of desire, relationship conflicts and also the ageing factor. Both partners fall prey to many health issues which renders our sex life tough, says Clifford Francis, Software professional.

We have been trying hard to enjoy good sex, however, it failed due to erectile problems and with the increasing age, it is difficult to keep at it.

Women also tend to lose interest in sex, due to regular sex in early married life. Their level of excitement also increases with time, which most men fail to satisfy due to erectile dysfunction and other issues.

Moreover, often it feels like it is a one-way thing, and you’re just forcing the other person into it, he added. This is why it might be important to tune into a site like videos hd and see how your partner perceives it, you may be able to tell if they feel like they’re being forced or not.

There is no specific reason behind that, but for us, it is just not a priority, says Abhishek More, HR.

We are happily married for the past 10 years; Initially, we had sex regularly but lately, we have stopped. It is only once a month.

Spending quality time is not about making love for us, while a wonderful conversation is. For us, it is important to know and understand each other with each changing phase in our life, Abhishek added.

Shailesh Pandit, a businessman says, “We have kids and my wife’s entire attention and time is on them.

Sex doesn’t attract us anymore!

“Being in a relationship for 8 years before marriage, sex was something new and the urge was high to indulge in it. While in the later years, sex became a regular phenomenon and we did it regularly without making extra efforts,” Shailesh added.

My husband has a low libido and he doesn’t satisfy me, hence I choose not to have intimacy rather than ending half satisfied says Radhika Rawal, School Teacher.

We have been married for 21 years now and for the past 2 years, we have not had sex a single night.

It is all about his pleasure and comfort, the moment he is satisfied, there is no question of continuing the intimacy.

Perhaps in future, Radhika’s husband could try some male enhancement pills from vigrxplus.com in an attempt to boost his libido.

Masturbation gives me immense pleasure over pleasing him on the bed. For him sex is only about ejaculation and has nothing to do with my orgasms, Radhika added.


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