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Travel hacks
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How much ever we love travelling, accept it – pre-planning and packing is what most of the travellers do not enjoy. And it is only after multiple trips and frequent reality checks that we discover certain lifesaving travel hacks to make peace with the travelling excitement.

Hence, to ease this burden for our readers, we spoke to some experienced globetrotters who shared their tip and tricks that they swear by.

Smart Ticketing!

Sign yourself up for the airline emails and keep looking for ticket options every other day from a month or two in advance. This will help save almost 50 per cent on the ticket cost. Moreover, browsing on the private window often helps too. Travel sites and airlines often use the cookies from your browser and serve you options according to your need, even if you haven’t shared your travel itinerary. This can cause the prices you’re shown to rise simply because you’ve searched for those flights before.

Saving Documents On Mobile Or Email!

Taking screenshots or saving a copy of tickets, passport, identity cards, hotel booking, licence, vehicle documents etc. always help when you are travelling abroad or commuting within the country. So even if you are caught in a foreign land and don’t have a physical copy, these can come in handy, saving you a day from being under scrutiny.  This is not an option to not carry physical document but can prove lifesaving. Screenshots also helps when you do not have internet connection to download the documents.

Mark Your Luggage ‘Fragile’!

Most of us might have seen viral videos of airport staff manhandling our luggage. If that makes you cringe, them make sure you mark your luggage as fragile. It is the best way to keep your luggage save and you will also receive it first on the luggage belt too.

Stay Cheap!

Rather than booking for expensive hotels, guest houses, hostels, dormitories, Air BnB etc are some of the great lodging options. Not only it will help you save some cash, you can also meet fellow explorers and increase your social networks. Also, refill those water bottles, eat local food and buy souvenirs from local markets to save some more. Travelling by public transport is another one to save some cash.

Travel Light!

This is the one thing, we can’t stress more. Carry clothes than can be styles in many ways. Accessorising them with scarfs, jewelery etc. helps. Hone your creativity and match and mismatch your outfits, saving you a lot of luggage space. Moreover, things like refilling you travel size containers, using tic-tac boxes, medicine boxes or straws to store pins, spices, handwashes, jewellery that tangles easily, washing soda, SPF, shampoo etc. will save a lot of space and confine your luggage to only one bag, if you are going for a trek or other similar expedition. Carry makeup that can replace other makeup essentials.


Off for a wild expedition or a rain forest or on a monsoon trek? Do not forget waterproofing you bag with a bin liner, or else, bear the smell that will come from every clothing item. You might even be out of clothes if you don’t. Also, water proof all your equipment too. You can also dump a soap bar into your dirty laundry bag to avoid spelling like a stale potato.

Backpacks Are Bae!

Ditch those handheld bags and always remember to carry backpacks be it for your laptop or any other equipment. This will keep you comfortable and light while travelling, keeping you hands mobile and avoiding inconvenience to others.

Save On Food!

Almost every country in the world has a pilgrim spot or a place of worship that offers free meals every day. Langars, Parsadum and community kitchens are some Indian ways of serving to the needy. This way you can also know about the local and staple food items of the place and can connect to them in a very different level.

Bargain To Gain!

Not just in India, tourist pay huge prices for someone who contributed to the GDP of the country. Yet with no perks, they end up paying much more than the locals do. It is always better to have a local acquaintance, but if not, don’t hesitate to bargain. You might get lucky sometimes.

Prepare In Advance!

A frequent traveller knows the importance of a ready to go toiletry bag, shaving kit or cosmetic kit. Keep one stocked up always. Moreover, charging all your devices and additional batteries always helps a tech-nomad. Power strip and extension cords are your best buds.


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