Pune Girls, Why This Bad Guy Fetish ?

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‘Why do good girls always fall for the bad guy?’ muses an angry 20 something.

Siddharth Banerjee is the quintessential boy next door who is a self-confessed ‘good guy’. He attempts to get to the root of the problem that he believes is the theme central to most Taylor Swift songs.

“When I listen to ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in’ or even ‘Blank Space’ the lyrics just confirm my theory that good girls knowingly fall for bad guys.

“I believe there is that two percent goodness in a bad heart. This is what draws women. She thinks there is ample scope for aggressive expansion in the good area,” he grins. “Good girls admire a ‘Work in progress’. They often opt to modify and train men rather than choose a house broken guy like me.

“You see, they can contribute little or nothing if the guy is perfect! Girls get an adrenaline rush in playing the architect in some bad guy’s life. Oh what a rush she would get by changing him for the better and taking credit for his achievements!”

Not content analysing the female psyche, Sid believes there is a larger problem. “People innately crave what they cannot have. But I must say it’s a sheer waste of their time and resources.

“Bad guys are the forbidden fruit every girl wants. After all, isn’t it more fun taming a beast than feeding a rabbit?”

“Be it abusive behaviour or simply hoping a cheater shall stop cheating; bad people won’t change. The problem is many girls won’t stop hoping for these men to change until they try their best.

However, he does confess that the good girl- bad guy equation can be really successful at times. Calling this the yin-

yang effect, he adds, “Seemingly opposite forces complement each other perfectly sometimes. Tangible dualities like light and dark or fire and water are personified with the good girl-bad guy equation. They are a fruitful paradox of simultaneous unity in duality. Avoid the pseudo-scientific talk and you simply see that opposites attract.

As Sigmund Freud rightly said, ‘We choose not randomly each other. We meet only those who already exist in our subconscious.’


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