The Flip-Side Of Meeting Your Love Online

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“Finding someone you are comfortable with is tough even if you are straight. Now mull over the fact that 90% of homosexual Indian relationships remain closeted.

“Suddenly you level up to a whole new echelon of trouble in meeting your soul mate,” explains Ashish Kripal (25), spelling out the torrid saga where his partner of 8 months cheated on him.

Kik was the chat platform where Ashish met the man of his dreams quite by accident. With more and more denizens looking for love online, we glide past hearts and confetti to explore the downside of online relationships…

“As someone who just came out to my parents, I deem Tinder, Facebook, Omegle and Kik ideal places to meet your match.

They’re anonymous and uncomplicated. However, the snag was that my man somehow managed to always keep his own Kik account active all throughout the relationship and two-timed me.

“The trust factor is missing,” muses Anisha Vadra (24). “When you have mutual friends or meet at a party, you can trust that what your gang knows of him.

Chatting up his pals is an easy way to know of his exes and even sexual preferences. They’ll confide in you because they know you and your friends. You don’t have this luxury when you meet someone online.

“He could be a cold-blooded killer or axe-murderer for all you know,” she shudders.

Sid Jaiswal sings a similar tune. “People can be deceptive about themselves online. You cannot see them at first, so they could lie about anything! My ex-crush lied about the details of her hometown, because she realized I wasn’t looking for a long distance relationship.

She kept delaying our first date for four months making lame excuses such as weddings, exams and even an accident until I’d had the last straw. I broke it off, which was when she confessed she is from Kerala. Needless to day, I never spoke to her again.

Manik Motiwala (28) shares his own incident. “I met a beautiful lady on Tinder. We dated and soon decided to be exclusive. Three months into the relationship, things got creepy.

I was approached by several different women on social media accounts. All of which later turned out to be fake accounts created by her to test my ‘loyalty’.

“You may think it is fair game given the fact that we met online. But I for one, was insulted because the first thing I did, was call to tell her about the sudden interest ladies were giving me online.

Aparajita Roy (22) met her man on Omegle. “Since I met him online, I can never know if he’s stopped looking or is still out there. Of course the fact that we’re from different cities does not help,” she sighs in gloomily.


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