Puneites On Their Weirdest Tinder Encounters

Tinder Experiences
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When it comes to millennials, a game of swiping left or right has replaced the aboriginal love at first sight. Tinder can be a great app if you want to find someone to fuck in your city, but it can also be a very strange place. This week we uncover the strangest incidences to occur when two Puneites swiped right.

Getting candid, these millennials spill the beans on their weirdest trysts on Tinder.

Meet Rawal is a techie in town all the way from Rohtak.

After facing rejections on Facebook and Instagram, a Tinder match surprised me. High on hope and a bouquet of roses in hand I went for the date.

“A bunch of my co-workers lay in wait, having created a fake account to yank my chain. It was embarrassing to say the least and now I dread going to work each day.

Rohan Nagre met the perfect girl when they both swiped right. Several long chats and three weeks later they were all set to meet. “The girl insisted that she’d be bringing her brother along for the meet. I was quite willing as it only showed a pure character in not wanting to meet a strange guy,” says Rohan.

The earth-shattering reality came to me when the girl explained that the guy posing as her brother was actually my date! The bloke was in the closet, so he feared registering for a same sex partner on Tinder.

“They expected me to- in their words ‘give it a shot’ because apparently, the guy had been texting me all these weeks. It was a face palm moment for me, though I politely made my exit.

Juili Patil is a student who just moved to the city. “I took to Tinder with great enthusiasm. No one knows me here you see, so there’s freedom in anonymity, which isn’t there back home.

Imagine my surprise when the second guy to flash across my screen was a classmate from Jalna! I guess he’s working in Pune, but now I dread going back home to face the music.

I come from a small town and my father is a school teacher, so I’m sure the boy has spilled the beans and the news has spread like wildfire. Everyone knows what I’ve been up to in the big city and now I’m ashamed to face my parents.

I almost got engaged to my Tinder match,’ confesses Mehul Thorat. Rich, talented and beautiful- she checked each aspect on my list.

“Who cares where I met her, my parents didn’t ask and we had our families meet. However, we broke things off when I realized she never deleted her Tinder account. My family friend discovered her profile, which was when I realized she was playing the field.

Medha Raghavan shares her quirky saga. “After swiping several men left, I came across one I found attractive.

We both swiped right and set up a date. But the boy had misrepresented his age and his height! He was an astounding 4’8 to my 5’7 and the date couldn’t have been more embarrassing.



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