Has Your Relationship Reached This Phase Yet?

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When you are past the initial rush of courtship and the joy of the honeymoon period, the third phase of your relationship begins…

Once the belle is wooed and the beast is tamed enough to be dating exclusively, surveys show, that boredom sets in.

While many cannot handle stagnation, others thrive on getting complacent about their partners. This stage undoubtedly, is the make or break one and the clincher for life ahead.

We speak to couples city-wide who share their experiences with the much dreaded, phase three!

“This is the toughest part and no one prepares you for it!” claims Rahul Vashishta a Student of psychology.

Your seemingly normal girl gets obsessive and clingy. She transforms from a dainty belle into this vicious scheming monster who is out to get you.

“I would say it gets easier, but that would be a lie. Of course it could only be my own experience!” he shrugs miserably.

“Guys, you should know not to expect that girl is who you first perceive. It might take a village to raise a child, but if the kid’s a girl, she never grows up,” says Aman Sabarwal, a Techie.

Give it a year or two before you dig in your heels and truly commit to the she-devil that’s caught your fancy.

Vedant Garhi, a Communications Systems Engineer gives us his take on it.

I’m not proud of it, but my moods tend to oscillate. At times the unadventurous nature of our relationship has me getting tired of my girl.

“That is when I’m almost on the brink of ending the union and calling it quits. But then my mood shifts as the day passes and I’m relieved to have someone as supportive and kind as her in my life. It’s growing a tad staid after the preliminary four months. But I’m in it for the long haul,” he admits awkwardly.

Vani Kole an Architect, shares her two cents on the situation. “The problem is that you may try to be the stable one, but in no way can you predict how your man shall behave in a few months.

The sad truth is that guys are very different after the wooing phase. They completely switch off the charm now they’ve got you. You go from finding him at your door with roses and chocolates, to hounding him at his bachelor pad. You’ll find him snoozing under a pile of dirty laundry and stale pizza.

“The thrill is overrated. I maintain that you should go try adventure sports for a buzz. When you look for a relationship that can evolve into marriage someday, you want a partner who will be there no matter what,” opines Sneha Singal a pet groomer.



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