PM Modi addresses Dada Vaswani on his 99th birthday celebrations

Dada J P Vaswani on his 99th birthday celebrations

The much-awaited birthday celebrations of Dada J P Vaswani culminated in a dynamic, energy-packed, soul-fueling afternoon at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. The hall was over-flowing and every seat on the Mission grounds was taken, as people watched the functions on large LCD screens set up all across the campus.

Dada’s message to all, “When o when! When o When will you achieve the purpose of the human birth? We spend all our time in accumulating wealth and looking after our body, but we are not just the body. We are a composition of the body, mind and soul. So, now let us spend time in feeding the soul by singing the Name Divine and making satsang a daily part of our lives.”

It was an affair to remember as Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a live telecast address to the crowd and bestowed warm wishes on Dada. Initiating the address, the Prime Minister, greeted revered Dada with heartfelt wishes on his 99th birthday. He made a particular reference to his several meetings with Dada Vaswani and the beginning of which was 27 years ago, at the World Religions Conference at the United Nations. He continued, “It was the time when I had the opportunity to meet him and indulge in extensive discussions on varied topics. However, it is Dada’s pleasant smile that has caught me by awe at all times. Dada Vaswani, is the living embodiment of our saintly culture. He has lived a life of contentment, humility and love. He has known to be all giving, at all times. His endearing and childlike demeanour has been constant for all these years.”

Dada said, “Prime Minster Narendra Modi is perhaps one of the greatest leader India has ever seen. His message on the cleanliness mission, ‘Swachh Bharat,’ needs to be imbibed both physically and spiritually. As we clean our surroundings and our streets, we should clean our hearts too.”

Before this momentous moment between the Prime Minister and Dada was Moment of Calm, a Global Forgiveness Moment. The forgiveness meditation by Dada that was played was truly a relieving and peaceful moment for all.

Officially launched on this auspicious day was the newly created an application, ‘Simply Love’. The app is a one stop destination for all Sadhu Vaswani Mission related on-goings. Daily thoughts, quizzes, virtual tours, live webcasts, question and answers among the many functions of the app.  Dhiraj Chugani commented, “I will definitely be downloading the app. It’s a very good initiative that will keep the world connected with Dada.”

Also launched were several books; including ‘Spirituality in Daily Life’ and ‘Say No to Negatives’ in Spanish. A newsletter ‘Mission with a Vision’ and Pocket Calendar were also released.