On Coping With The Perils Of Technology

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From the simple mobile charger socket to advanced aeronautics everything today is technology led. Technology has successfully made its way into our lives and we are today highly dependent on it.

The smartphone and the internet world are classic examples of a necessity that has been accepted by all, yet comes loaded with threats too. Pune365 speaks with users and technology geeks to understand this veiled threat in our lives…

Vipin Khanal, Engineer opines, ” I believe that technology has forced us to live indoors.

It is addictive and engages a person so muc,h that instead of wandering out in the wild and breathing fresh air, one chooses to watch or scroll pages of worthless stuff on social media which is not productive most of the time. Other health risks include the fact these devices give out potentially harmful radiation, which can be measured using tools like an Acoustimeter AM10 if you want to weigh up the risk associated with using each one, and which can lead to cancer.

Being an engineer by profession I know technology deeply and trust me, radiation emission is degrading our lives every day. Technology has indeed geared us for the world up but we can’t stay ignorant of its flaws. People need to learn about 5G side effects because cellphones can be dangerous if they’re not used properly. Luckily, you can get phone cases to help protect against radiation but not every phone-owner knows about them. Phone safety needs to become more of a priority.

For instance, if your phone is hacked, all your data, bank account details, pictures, and even your email address can be accessed. And this information can cause immense harm to you”

Ashish Joshi, Technology Marketing Professional says, “Everybody today is just habituated with technology, especially smart phones. They are actually our comfort zones. From power bills to flight tickets, everything is possible with a click and hackers are just waiting for that one click.

A hacker can attain every detail about a person with a click to random links, or videos in the middle of a game. Though I am tech- savvy my official email was hacked recently.

But one should not be scared by this, incidents like these happen every day with us. The general public just needs to be alert and aware.There are privacy settings on social media too, but not many users are aware of it.

Applications like Truecaller, Facebook aren’t really harmful. Like to pass a subject with good grades, a student learns everything about the book, the same is the case with technology. One should be aware of its pros and cons and then use it”.

” I lost my phone 2 weeks ago and immediately filed a complaint about it. I was on a trip, so recovering the phone was impossible and I lost hope. A week later some of my friends called me up asking about my health.

Apparently, they had received mails from my email asking for financial help for my ailment.

A few of my friends deposited some amount too and a few were saved as they called me prior to doing so.

I got so scared that I no longer use a smart phone nor am I social-media active anymore. If you aren’t totally aware of technology, it can create a huge issue for you says,” Ankita Mishra.


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