Capable, Effective And Forcibly Retired – Time To Rethink!

Retirement Age
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Traditionally, employees and skilled professionals are expected to retire on attaining the age of 58, 60 or 65 as they case maybe. This is unfortunately, despite a lot of them being capable of contributing effectively to their companies.

The time has certainly come to question this age related forced retirement in favour of a more practical way to judge a person’s professional capabilities.

It has amply been proved that modern medicine has led to increased life expectancy, and coupled with the current health-conscious environment has led to better overall wellness of professionals in the age bracket of fifty to seventy years of age.

So, does age really matter when it comes to professional ability? And if so, what is the optimal age to perform to a company’s expectations?

Pune365 decided to probe further and speak to citizens on this increasing trend to put the fit and fine out of work…

“I will be forced out of the job because I will have turned 58 next month says, Shivaji Mane, Pharmaceutical employee.

I have been serving the company for the past 30 years, am very experienced, capable of good work and I want to work, but none of these will matter. I have no financial security apart from my provident fund either. At least they could let me work, till I secure myself and family, he adds.

“I am happy and thankful to all companies and the government for implementing such laws in India” says Arvind Wagh, Government officer.

“I love travelling and wanted a long break from my work life, as holidays are not provided to you very often. I have been saving carefully for my retirement plans that include gardening, a world tour and social work. This society has given us a lot and it is time, we pay them back”

It is time to pamper ourselves and follow our passion for which we never had time during  our youth, he adds.

“My dues are still pending, It is going to be extremely difficult,” says Kirti Pandit, Banker.
“I love doing my work and am extremely good at it.”

“The age factor should not be the priority when it comes to retirement. No doubt, the younger generation may be more talented, and unemployment is on rise.

However, people like us, who are working and highly experienced being thrown out of work is a sheer waste of good talent.” she adds.

The owner of a private company says, ‘Purana jayega tabhi toh naya aayega,’ I understand it is not funny, people are attached with their work and willing to continue.

Nevertheless, India’s unemployment rates are increasing, if we don’t give a chance to young people to showcase their talent, who will?

Also, with age it is difficult for them to adapt with new technology. Most of the time they have health issues. We companies let them go for them to be able to enjoy their retired life, he adds.

It makes no sense to me to implement the retirement clause, and force employees to leave work, specially when their physical and mentally condition is fine and stable to work effectively for the company, says Rahul Singh, Private company owner.

“I believe that people should have their own choice when it comes to work. They should also be allowed to decide if they are fine and capable.

Moreover, this may also lead to economic decline, if skilled and highly experienced people are out of jobs, without enough money to live on,” he adds.


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