Long Distance Relationships Can Work Wonders

Long Distance Relationship
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Long distance love is much like a candy that tastes weird in the beginning, but ends up becoming your favourite…

Vertika Chauhan who has been in a long distance relationship for ten years now, seriously believes so…

These have been amazing years in my life. I believe that distance from the onset of the relationship is better, because that urge and excitement to see each other when possible, helps keep alive the thrill of love, adds Vertika.

Vertika adds “It gives a lot of space to each other, but the insecurities pose peril.

I missed him most when we had a quarrel and were not with each other to settle it. Trust me, there were no times when I was glad he wasn’t around…

In a long distance relationship you crave to spend time with each other and I was keen he see me at my best and worst avatars!

In the world of long-distance love, she is far from alone and for several couples the phone is their bonding cement! Here is what the young couples had to say:

I was in a long distance for 4 years and it should ideally be from the very beginning. Once you are habituated of meeting often, it is difficult to make it work.

It needs a lot of patience and trust. The best part about  this distance are the unexpected visits and surprises.

And the only negative I believe is that one cant always share everything and that can be a reason for complications.

I recall there was a time, when I was hosting an event on the outskirts of Mumbai and had to leave for college early morning to give my exam.

I was suffering from epilepsy and suffered a seizure and for about 15 mins. I lost my memory and had no idea what happened then, and if she had seen me like that, she would have really been upset. It was then that I felt relieved, that we were living apart and she didn’t see me in that state.

On the other hand, there was a time when I went scuba diving and missed not being able to take her with me,” says“ Laxman Desai.

Riddhi Dhariwal says, “ We have been in a long distance for 6 years now and I believe that a long distance from the very beginning is better, as its that love when you don’t feel years, you only feel moments.

The best part about a long distance relationship, is that both get their independence and at the same time, you never feel alone! You have someone waiting to hear your stories and all it takes is  a call.

The only thing that is tough is not having your partner around on some occasions when you need him the most. Honestly. I wish to be with him always, be it good or tough times.

The guy I am in love with and I hail from the same city. We were both studying at Pune but he finished off his course before me and had to return home. Soon after, he flew to Nottingham for higher studies says, Radhika Parashar.

We have been managing this distance, cities and countries notwithstanding, for over 2 years now. In my opinion, long distances can be dealt with easy when you know the person very well..

This is important to be able to trust someone thoroughly, even when you are not together. Long distance bonds certainly come with a lot of perks and perils, she adds.

The perks that I enjoy include the space for each other and the innumerable subjects we can talk about !

Our friend circle gets better and bigger too, and most importantly, when we meet there is no place for fights and arguments. So much love that gets accumulated over time rains all over ! The excitement of having your partner travel all the way to be with you for a day or two makes you feel all so special and leaves you blushing!.

On the downside, coming back home to no one waiting for you is bad, especially when you have had a bad day or you are upset. On weekends, when the others in the group are hanging out with their boyfriends and girlfriends and I am alone, the distance gets annoying.

I wished I was with him on this birthday, He was all alone and I was so helpless. Once he got mugged and was hospitalized and he was alone! No one to take care of him. That was when this distance became unbearable, she adds.

Most of the times I am glad he isn’t here because if he was, I think it would have affected my work life.

My attention would have been divided and in a field like journalism, with so much hustle and just one Sunday off, him being around me would have made me either skip spending time with him, or skip my work!


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