This Is How You Can Weed Out That Lethal Habit

Quit Smoking
SMOKING AND DOING DRUGS CAN KILL - #StopNow Image used for representation only

The joint you smoke may elevate your mind into new realms of perception and you probably think it’s cool and very ‘in’ but, do be aware that it can seriously damage your brain.

That joint is as bad and lethal as cigarettes. It does the same damage – turn your lungs into abstract art with patches of black, make your heart race in F1 mode, cause serious damage to your brain cells, impair your memory and spark swings in mood.

It is a dangerous narcotic substance and nothing will change that.

Smoking marijuana has been ‘In’ from generations, especially when strains like cherry berry mt pleasant mi taste so good. Back in the 1960s and 70s, those influenced by Woodstock and rock stars, wore jeans and indulged in puffing at joints or passed on the chillum. They thought they were fighting for a cause.

Every generation since then has seen young people getting stoned, some even experimenting in hard drugs. Peer pressure and the need to be cool often overtake plain common sense.

In the new Millennium, the story continues. Young people of both sexes have the same logic and continue the tradition.

Much like life, the drug habit also catches up with you and systematically progresses to destroy you.

Here are some simple tips to kick the habit if you are willing to do it.

Acknowledgement: Before you take any step, acknowledge your marijuana dependency. This is very important and imperative to go to the next stage of weaning.

Don’t Buy: Stop buying the stuff in the first place. It may help you in many ways and the stuff is not easily available and will stretch the period between cravings.

Get Rid of Material: Throw away all material needed for a joint like cigarette paper, lighter, pre-rolled paper etc.

Exercise: Start walking or play the game you like. You will realise the damage you have done for yourself physically and it may put you in a positive state of mind.

Distraction: Keep yourself distracted at all times. Even a short period of idleness can get you back into the habit. Take up a hobby or something.

Support System: This is very important. You need people around you to help you in your mission. Make sure you have them when the craving comes.

Cold Turkey: The best and most effective way. Giving up soft drugs is like giving up cigarettes so going cold turkey is the way to do it. It will put you such hellish torments that your will power will be tested to the extreme. You must stay strong and firm in belief. If you have tried and failed to go 100% cold turkey though, it might be worth trying a vape pen with some Breazy vape juice in it. You can work the habit out of you if you ease yourself on to a vape instead of cigarettes, many believe.

Withdrawal: The withdrawal symptoms are the worst when giving up joints because the active chemical of marijuana are stored in the fat cells and do not leave easily like nicotine but are sent out in small amounts. This heightens the cravings.

If none of these helps you to kick this habit, seek professional de-addiction help before it is too late.


#Pune365 strongly discourages the use of any narcotic substance, tobacco and the consumption of alcohol. All of these are injurious to your health and can kill.

#StopNow – Issued in public interest.