Living In A Right Handed World Is Such A Pain!

Left Handed
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This breed of people are known to be extremely creative, possess strong leadership qualities, boast of a high IQ and some go onto become a genius!

Albert Einstien, Leonardo Da Vinci, Issac Newton, Amitabh Bachchan and Oprah Winfrey are all born of the same ilk and if these names are anything to go by, the left handed community is most certainly a unique breed of minds, if not hands!

Yet, it can’t be easy being left handed in a right handed world and this is what we set out to check. Pune365 spoke to left-handers to get their side of how interesting life is, the left handed way:

Sakshi Arora (Free-Lancer) says,”I am a lefty and I think creativity has nothing to do with which hand one uses, but being a lefty is definitely cool for people.

Most people are amused by lefties. 

There are so many things that a lefty faces difficulty with, and using a scale, knife, and scissors can prove to be tough! Also, as most kitchens are right-hand friendly, it is quite a task to keep the kitchen in good shape.

Creativity differs from person to person. A right-handed person can be way more creative than a left-handed person, opines” Anushka Bose(PRO and Product Designer).

I face a lot of small difficulties each day, like while writing on a spiral notebook and the spiral part really hurts.

Also, sitting with a right-handed person is difficult while writing, we end up constantly poking each other’s elbows and this same thing happens at a dining table too.

I can never draw a straight line and while writing, my writing pad/notebook is never straight, yet, being a lefty is a dfferent feeling. Also, my parents never forced me to change to right and they supported me in whatever I was comfortable with,” she adds.

Aneri Naik(Free lancer) opines,”I do believe that “lefties” are attracted to creativity if not born creative,

As I myself couldn’t resist ending up in a creative field(I am looking forward in pursuing an MBA in Communication Management) despite fighting it all my life.

The urge to accept it as my real calling was so strong, that I am making a switch from engineering to communication.

Scissors strain lefties. Like my thumb always gets hurt they don’t make scissors for lefties. Also, I desired to play the guitar but most classes/institutes rarely keep instruments that are designed for a left-handed person.

Fortunately for me, my parents never had a problem with me in any shape size or form, let alone the natural veering to using my left hand. But after getting enrolled in a school, the first thing the tutor pointed out was my “condition” and how they could improve it,”she adds.

“Creativity is a very broad term and not all lefties are creative. My dad is an artist, but he is not a lefty. Being a lefty is a very different feeling altogether affirms,Ritesh Gupta (MBA student).

But eating and using a mobile flip cover is always a pain for a lefty. Also, while riding a scooter, accelerating is a problem. Yes, my mother did try changing this, but then later she was okay with it.



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