Why Wearing Shorts Is A Really Bad Idea Now

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It is that time of the year, when all we can think about our doing is to get into our favourite pair of shorts, grab a drink and catch up with our friends.

Our propensity to wear shorts and short-skirts is high yet, this may not be a good idea, after all!

Our fashionistas at Pune365 have curated this list of comfortable and breezy tips, to get your summer wear right. And yes, this includes the right accessories, make-up and footwear too! 

Fabric is the King !

Ok, most of know that fabrics like silk, wool and synthetic should be avoided as much as possible, but what does one wear then? There are several fabrics with their variants that can be sported during the summer that include silk blends, light and soft silk and cotton, as always.

Other options like Khadi, Linen, Sheer variants, Mulmul and Handwoven cottons are among the preferred options considering their absorption capacity. They help absorb the humidity and allow constant evaporation to keep your skin cool and infection free.

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Stay Clear Of Those Shorts !

Shorts and skirts are the quintessential summer wear, yet they must be worn with caution during a blazingly hot summer.

Wearing them on particularly hot days can give you a bad sunburn and possibly even a tan if you are outdoors for long. A good sun screen is obviously recommended before you venture outdoors in this season. Ideally, reserve the shorts for the evening outings and date nights, post sun down!

The go-to outfits instead could be the versatile kaftans, maxi skirts, t-shirts, anti-fit dresses, dhoti pants, breezy palazzos and salwars. All these remain in vogue always and work well for travel too. Airy ankle-length dresses, trapeze dresses, loose pants and anti-fit silhouettes also make for good options and alternatives for thick denims.

Choose The Right Prints

Florals and fresh prints are the perfect choice to install a breezy feel this summer! Ikkats with tiny animal and bird motifs and patterns are currently on the scene.

The Tie-n-Dye style, with shibori, lehariya, dip dyed fabrics, abstract prints, boho-chic style, checks, Fruits, Polka Dots and the Kalamkari prints work well for this season. Fabrics with illustrations, sculpture prints, animals, retro, and quirky block prints also work well to give your attire a nice bright and breezy feel.

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Lights and Whites, For Sure !

Opt for lighter colours while deciding what to wear. Dark coloured fabrics tend to absorb and trap more heat making us feel even hotter.

Summers call for rather vibrant colours but making the right choice is important. Essentials like whites, off whites, pastels, yellow, beige, sorbet shades like watermelon pink and melon yellow among other lighter shades can do wonders to reflect the heat.

Over The Top Makeup? A Big No No !

Apart from keeping the regular summer essentials handy, make-up is best avoided unless of course it is a special occasion and it can’t be avoided.

Makeup tends to suffocate the skin in the summers due to excessive oil and sweat leading to irritation, rashes, prickly heat and dryness and requires specific attention and care if given. Sun protection and hydration is the key and works for the skin too. A sunscreen with a high SPF is essential for skin care this season.

Accessorise It Right !

Accessories add the oomph factor to any attire and push it a notch up, but it is important to get it right. Sun glasses, quirky umbrellas, scarves and capes can keep you protected and make you look stylish at the same time.

You can get rid of them at dusk and get an all new look ! Opt for open and airy footwear and avoid the boots to keep your feet dry and germ free.

Do remember to keep yourself well hydrated during this season! The water balance in the human body is essential to keep skin soft and glowing. 


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