Is Social Media Breeding Split Personalities ?

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Social media users apparently go to any extent, to keep their image perfect on social media and are even investing money on creating the apt persona on Facebook and Instagram among the other platforms. Often people are concerned about things like the number of likes they receive, whilst some fear some sort of artificial retribution from others for what they post. Luckily, KENJI.AI can help people post without fears that their photos on Instagram go unliked.

We decided to check this trend and spoke with image builders, social media professionals and others to study this interesting phenomenon…

Image ConsultantManisha Jain ( Image Consultant and Corporate Trainer, Founder-Director, Sea-changes) opines, “ I meet a lot of people every day and groom them about Appearance and Communication. I believe that social media has actually affected people in real life. People put in effort to look good on social media.

Actually, earlier there was The ABC concept( Appearance, Behaviour, and Communication ) that could define one’s persona.

However, in today era it’s The D concept (Digital Footprint) that has stepped in and that ’s creating a huge impact on forming one’s image.

It’s basically the social media presence. Today, people spend most of their time being online on social media, interacting with their friends and acquaintances.

Though social media, they want to portray themselves as perfect and fun-loving,among other things, which they aren’t in real life.

People are unaware, that they are living in the reel world and not the real world.
I personally believe that social media is tremendously beneficial only if people use it in a correct manner.

Excess of anything is harmful, be it social media or something else and one needs to understand that. One should spend more time to enhance their real-life then reel one. Life is beautiful if you make it that way” she adds. People who are able to use Social media platforms like Instagram sensibly shouldn’t have any issue about continuing to use the site. If anyone is concerned about the number of the followers they have then it is always possible to get help from Buzzoid.

Jayshree Wighe says, I am an architect by profession and I use social media a lot especially Instagram.

Usually when I get bored or don’t feel like working, social media is my rescue. Social media has affected our lives deeply.

I believe that it’s creating a split personality of people, and their social media persona is actually different from what they really are, filters and more. They can make one look good in sleep too, says Jayshree. People use Instagram for different reasons, and many people like to use a service like socialfollow in order to build the size of their Instagram following.

People crave for likes when they look good and post about their travel locations to portray how amazing their life is, but, I think it is excessive showcasing, yet this is subjective.

Some people aren’t faking. And some do, maybe because they want to appear positive and successful around they people they know”, she adds.

Priyanka Pandit says, “ I am a Digital Marketing Executive, I handle social media, content writing, graphic design etc for my company. Yes, social media is creating split personalities, because earlier when social media didn’t exist, interactions were face to face, or on a call, and people and friends use to give a fair judgment.

Everybody today, thinks only of their image on social media first.

People fake so much on social media. Often, they aren’t at a particular location, yet, they post that they are there. And likes and a few comments are enough to satisfy one these days,” she adds.

I know a couple of people, my friends, past colleagues and even old school mates who appear so different on social media in comparison to what they actually are in real life..

They portray their life so fascinating and when you meet them in person they appear so regular. Its all about the image these days.

I believe social media is one’s Virtual Life. One can be heroic there doing a regular job in reality. Maybe social media has become a weapon to showcase how successful one is, or how great their life is ” says, Vaibhavi Bele.

Neetu Ranawat says,” I look after the social media profile of my company. I think people are using social media purely because they are addicted to it now. Social media is just a show- off platform sometimes. Sometimes people fake it as well. But in today’s world its hard to find out.

I think to some extent, I am an addict of social media too.


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