Is Being An Introvert or Extrovert A Matter Of Choice?

Introvert & Extrovert
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There are some people who love to be among others, laugh, shout and have fun. At the same time there are others who rather stay indoors, listen to music or read in their own space.

Being an extrovert or an introvert is a characteristic of an individual, a part of his nature.

There are also those grey lines which where an extrovert can get introverted or vice-versa, given the circumstances.

There are so many myths about it too – like introverts are creative while extroverts are charismatic” It can be th other way round too.


We spoke to few people about it to know what being an extrovert or introvert feels like.

Dr Manish Bajpayee (Psychiatrist) opines,”It is not possible to state what makes a person an extrovert or an introvert with certainty. The possibilities are genetic makeup, illness(mental), age, the environmentin which the person grew up in, loss of a parent in childhood, traumatic incident in childhood etc. So being an extrovert or an introvert is an aspect of personality.
“Personality is formed by the traits a person is born with and the habits one learns over time. So its a combination of a lot of things. I believe that when people say introverts are creative and extroverts are charismatic and a lot of things like that I think these are judgmental issues. Smarter, creative and stronger are based on assumptions. Both have abilities which are important.
“So there is the importance of introverts in a loud world, and the ability to convey this emphatically is in the extrovert,” he adds.

Being an extrovert I believe that we do not just enjoy the company of a group of people but also like spending time with self,” says Mahi Moolchandani (Lawyer).
“The reason for this can be that an extrovert is usually cheerful, humorous and jolly and when in a group they attempt to make everybody comfortable. And when sometimes they need space they enjoy their own company too.
I have also faced a few difficulties in my work life as it’s a human tendency that if you are open then you are available. Being interactive made people misjudged me to be available and the next thing was that they started hitting on me.
Incidents like these happened in my personal life too.
“A few of my male friends mistook my friendly nature and started flirting. One should not think that friendly nature and avaliability are same,” she adds.

Avinash Kulkarni (Entrepreneur) says,” Introverts are not necessarily shy or timid and I can say so because being an introvert I am not like that. When I am in my comfort zone and with people I am familiar with, I am limitless. But when I am uncomfortable then I barely speak as I don’t feel like expressing myself.
An introvert does face some problems like when I am attending some social gatherings or parties I prefer being with people of my comfort zone and if they aren’t there then I interact with other people but not that much.
“I try to gel up with people but sometimes I fail. Taking about work life I just talk about work and not much. I observe my elders at workplace and try to inculcate good qualities,” he adds.

“I feel that I am neither extrovert nor introvert. I am a mix. There are times when I feel like talking and also those when I find happiness when alone,” reveals Riddhi Patil (Student).
“There a lot of people of this kind. Everything depends on the mood – be it a social gathering or movie time. Sometimes this nature brings difficulties too. When in a party I suddenly don’t feel like dancing and enjoying. Sometimes it affects and spoils the mood of the people with me,” she adds.

Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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