When Will Women Stop Asking Us These Questions?

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Tired of questioning your partner? Fed up of hearing the same lies over and over again?

Well, you then have company. This is common say Puneites and yet, all it takes is a little patience and understanding to handle this and enjoy a lovely relationship..

A recent study by Howard and Cambridge university states that “The number of lies told by men would decrease significantly by 94% if women stopped asking questions.”

We checked with young puneites on this increasing trend of asking too many questions and the propensity of the men to lie in response:

Anushka Agarwal, Pet sitter says, “We constantly question, because they keep lying to us and we will go on till they stop lying to us. For instance, if we’re on a date, there’s no need to check out other girls and if you’re doing it, admit it. Instead of that, they end up turning red in the face, denying it all.

I ask him questions since I want to know what interests him. I make sure that the questions don’t sound like the interrogation and they’re more like a normal conversation between us, she adds.

“Girls have never ending questions, I don’t understand the logic behind that,” says Rohit Tambe, photographer.

Why do they need to know everything about us? And what are they going to achieve with all this information? Girls and especially girlfriends must understand that none of us like a control in a relationship. They ought to know, that we need our space too.

Guys never plan their day in advance and everything is decided at the spur of the moment.  We’re more driven towards our friends and family. Though the partner is important, one cant update them with each and every moment of our day. This is almost like nursery school, he adds.

“Lying is something we have been doing from a very young age! We lie with ease, be it a small matter or a large one, says Pooja Singh, Nail artist.

It is difficult to generalize between men and women because everybody lies. I think they question us more than we ask! They want to know about every friend, be it a girl or a guy and there is really any need for al this?  If they need space, we need it too!

“Moreover, our questions are general and is not to intrude into their space. Transparency is important in a relationship, and we live in world of tinder dates. So, the only point is if you’re doing anything or planning to, I should know about it, or at least tell me later about it. There is really no need to hide anything!” she exclaims.

Women are really difficult to understand and there is no doubt about this,” says Lalit Chordia, Businessman.

It is difficult to survive in a relationship when your girlfriend is more like an FBI agent. I am married to her now, yet, she needs to know everything about my day, a day in advance!

We have been together for several years before getting married. She is very insecure about me being with my female friends, although I have never committed a single mistake in these seven years.

“I admit lying to her when am out with my female friends. But to be honest, she doubts me for no reason and I don’t want to face her endless questions each time. So, to save me from all that, I lie to her.”


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( some names changed to protect privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 



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