And Here’s Rio ! Meet The Handsome Pug At The Joshi’s

How Long Are You Going To Make Me Wait !


Super confident, least hurried and absolutely not harried, Rio Joshi is quite the cat at the Joshi home.

With Sadhana and Nitin Joshi wrapped around his little paws, the smart pug knows he is with the best humans possible. And his humans know it can’t be another way. 

The entrepreneurs have altered their routines to make Rio their priority, have cut back on travel (since Rio can’t stay away from them for more than two days) and take him along to work so that he doesn’t feel left out.

And Here’s Rio !

Whats even more special about this relationship is that, if Sadhana and Nitin are out of the city, Rio is taken to office so that his routine is not disturbed!

Yup, it is love all the way.

The Listener

The Joshi’s have always had dogs. So bringing Rio into the family was easy as pie.

The good thing about Rio is that he never has to be told to do something. He just does it, says Nitin.

Rio knows when his parents are getting ready to go to work every morning and is waiting to go along.

Similarly, when Nitin is going to take him to run errands or just for a ride, he happily hops onto the scooter. For his walks too, Rio doesn’t need to be told to be at heel.

“If he doesn’t see us, he sits where he is. No running crazy looking for us or wandering off. He just waits till we come back and then he follows,” says Nitin of his very confident dog.

Rio isn’t really fond of walking, sniffing a couple of tyres, a couple of feet and his business done, he wants to go back home!

Work And More

That’s My Dad!

Rio is an early riser, preferring to begin his day with a meal by 6 am! A quick walk and a little snooze then he is ready for office.

At work, he is as much in control.

After greeting the resident office desi’s – Stefi and Rocky, the little dog heads to Sadhana’s cabin if its hot. If not, then he stays in Nitin’s cabin.

“There is no hurry about Rio, no rush for anything ever. He is not even greedy about food. His calmness about his whole being is something I am still learning,” adds Nitin of Rio who loves anything sweet.

Easy On The Food

Sadhana & Nitin Joshi With Rio

Not too fond of eating, Rio sometimes insists that Sadhana feed him and sits in her lap of his own accord for the same. Or if its meal time and he feels like a snack, he sits with them at the table and eats only from his bowl!

What’s more is that though he has a sweet tooth, and even if there are sweets laid out on the table, or his favourite ice-cream in nose distance, Rio won’t ever pounce. “He nudges us gently to let us know he would like some.

No compulsion or insistence, just a request,” adds Sadhana. He gets his quota of treats and kibble and home food as he wants it.

Loves Attention

Rio With His Rakhi Sisters

Sundays are grooming days where Sadhana gives him his beauty bath and dries him with the hair dryer. He loves all the attention and soaks it all in. “On other days we have brushing, ear cleaning, cleaning the bridge of his nose and his eyes all lined up,” she says.

Buddy Time!

He likes interacting with children and used to play hide-n-seek with the children in the society till he was about four years old.

“Now he gets tired very easily so he prefers not to. He has hearing trouble and his vision is also not all there so Rio is slightly quieter, “ explains Sadhana.

That said, if anybody stops to admire it, Rio soaks it all up. That doesn’t reduce the communication.

If Rio is cold he reaches for his basket where the warm clothes are, so he can wear his happening jacket proudly. If it is not that cold, he goes to sit under the full-length curtains so he is well covered!

“We have mattreses of different thickness for him- he picks what he wants,” adds Sadhana of her little boy. Rio stays with Sadhana’s brother’s family when his humans are away.

Dont You Dare !

“Rio stayed with them for a couple of months before they gifted him to us.

They do a great job of looking after him. He is fine for two days, but by the third morning, he is looking forward to being back with us,” shares Sadhana.



And We Are Off On Our Ride !

Steffi and Rocky the naughty desi dogs who stay in the office are his friends. Nitin’s brother’s dog, Balboa, a labrador, was Rio’s big brother, a dog he looked upto, his best friend. Whenever Rio visited Balboa, he would forget his humans.

In fact, as the scooter turned towards Balboa’s house Rio’s whole demeanour would change. He would perk up immediately waiting to meet his buddy. “Sadly Balboa passed away last year,” says Nitin.

With other dogs, Rio has a hi-bye kind of relationship. He is very sure of himself so does not get overawed by anybody nor is he scared.

He lets barking dogs bark, and he doesn’t enjoy the over excited ones attention, adds Sadhana.


“Nail cutting is a big tamasha. Sadhana has to cover his eyes and somebody has to hold him to get them chopped,” sighs Nitin. And of course when he feels neglected.

Now What ?

“We can’t take him along with us everywhere so when we return, he has a long face, looks subdued and sits in a corner.

Then I have to give him extra attention to get him out of there,” smiles Sadhana. And that isn’t asking for too much for such an angelic fur baby.



Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan