Exploring The Picturesque Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley
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The Valley Of Shadows – Sandhan Valley is a part of the beautiful Sahyadri Mountain Range. It is a picturesque canyon that offers a challenging trek. An interesting combination of a canyon and a valley, Sandhan is located in the Ahmednagar district, near the famous Ratangad fort.

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Also called the “The Valley of Suspense” is a deep narrow rock floored ravine between the two high walls of the mountain range.

At some places, the width is very narrow and less than 3 ft, hence not exposed to the sun rays. Hence, the name valley of shadows.

You can visit the Sandhan valley throughout the year except during the monsoon. Since you need to move towards the end side of the gorge by crossing 2-3 water pools, it can be difficult since the water levels change.

Walking through the narrow stretch with 300 feet high rock walks on both sides is an unbelievable experience. Samrad is the base village for Sandhan valley. A perfect blend of rugged canyon and beautiful landscape that is embellished with a breathtaking gorge.

How To Get There

The best way from Pune to get there is the state transport buses, available to Igatpuri, (Pune to Igatpuri -240 kilometres) and then go to Bhandardara by the Igatpuri – Ghoti bus.

From Bhandardara to Shendi village is just a km, Proceed to Ghatgar colony, which is 22 kilometers from Shendi village and from Ghatgar colony the road to the left will take you to Samrad.

Pune to Sandhan Valley by Train

From Pune junction there are trains available to Igatpuri station, and then from Igatpuri go to Bhandardara follow the same route as above.
Pune to Sandhan Valley By Road

Hiring a private vechicle is certainly recommended and suitable way of getting to sandhan valley as this will prove to be faster and more convenient.


There are no restaurants nearby, However, with the help of with local villagers and guides you can get to taste some authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. Their tea, poha, Rice bhakris and pitla are worth a try.

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Sandhan valley is a paradise for trekkers, It is an amazing experience. Hiking into the canyon involves rappelling, is a method which is utilized to push this rock patch.

Near the Samrad village of Bhandardara region, there is a unique reverse waterfall where the water defy the law of gravity.

This occurs when the winds hits high and their updrafts force water to blow back, resulting in a reverse waterfall.


Enjoy wading in the cool creek waters, that range from calf deep to chest deep. Yes, it is important to be careful, considering the slippery boulders and the narrow walled fissure.


#Readers are recommended to check all details and safety measures at the location. All details and images are purely for reader information. 

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