Hand spinning workshop at Dāram!

Handloom store organizes an exciting hand spinning workshop on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Set to take place at the store on Senapati Bapat Road; Sri Madhav Sahasrebuddhe, a spinner and Gandhian from Pune would be teaching hand spinning of cotton yarn on the charaka.

The aim of the workshop is to educate participants about khadi production and spinning activity and is sure to be a delight! Call to register.

Hand spinning and Khadi

Hand spinning of cotton yarn has been the only practice of spinning the yarn traditionally in India. The mill spun yarn was introduced to India by British and mills were established in India to spin yarn mechanically. This has led to a drastic change in handloom industry and the handloom weavers started moving to weaving mill spun yarn from hand spun yarn 100 years back.

Hand spun yarn is being produced only by KVIC samasthas and this hand spun yarn is then woven by weavers under KVIC samasthas to make khadi yardage, sarees, dhoties, towels and hand kerchiefs. Hand spinning has become semi-mechanized in the last 50 years where cotton to sliver is being processed in centralized units by KVIC. The sliver is then given to spinners in each region to spin yarn. Today, hand spinning process of cotton to yarn is done in very few belts in Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, etc. in the country.

When: March 18, 19, 20; 11 am and 12.30 pm (two batches of one hour each)
Where: Dāram, Nilaya, A-1, Jayanti Apts, Senapati Bapat Road
Call: 020 25660790, 9849023417

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