Greaves Cotton Strengthens Position In Cleantech Mobility Space

Greaves Cotton

Greaves Cotton, one of the leading and diversified engineering companies in India, is at the forefront of developing new technology for affordable last mile transportation segment.

It is ready to support the government’s mission of clean mobility solutions through fuel-efficient CNG engines, backed by strong retail network.

With energy efficient powertrain solutions and water cooled CNG technology, Greaves is empowering millions of CNG auto drivers save significantly every kilometre of their drive, thus reducing the load on fuel cost for the 3W auto rickshaw owners.

This higher fuel efficiency from Greaves CNG driven vehicles reduces dent on national exchequer saving the nation’s dependency on fuel import bill.

Today, the declining Air Quality is cause of major health concern and India with 14 out of 20 world’s most polluted cities asks for better substitutes of powertrain and fuel options which benefits on both fronts of ecology and economy. Greaves CNG driven vehicles meets the regulatory emission norms and remain superior eco-friendly powertrain solution for these problems related to pollution.

Greaves foray in to make-in India CNG engines supports the commitment for users in the affordable clean energy mobility segment. Besides good product, Greaves has ramped up the aftermarket support including CNG service and spares availability through its fast growing retail stores and nationwide spares network. With innovation at the core of the Cleantech drive, Greaves has invested in design and development, training and capability building of channel force to deliver these future-relevant products and services.

“Greaves understands the customers and their needs in last mile segment and over years build strong assurance footprint in form of mechanics, dependable and reliable products that enable non-stop every day operations for these livelihood earners, Debashis Mitra, President – Engine Business, Greaves Cotton, said.

“From the existing portfolio, both 400cc CNG engine, catering to the small passenger carrying market and the 510cc engine, for higher passenger carrying market, have been well received on account of superior cost economics resulting in fast volume growth for Greaves CNG engine business. All products, existing and new offerings, are ready to support India’s move of expanding CNG network, fulfilling the mission of cleaner and greener tomorrow. This addition of CNG engine will serve a superior value upgrade to the 5 million plus existing users of Greaves and thus ensure they remain in business with savings friendly vehicle options.”

Greaves Engines division offers a wide range of fuel agnostic powertrain solutions for wide applications with very low cost and higher reliability. The division manufactures engines in three different segments namely automotive engines, non-automotive engines and industrial engines. Greaves engines meet the compliance norms which are ideal for automotive engine applications such as 3-wheeler and small 4-wheeler commercial vehicles. Along with this, there is a reliable range of bigger engines serving to the usage of wider industrial applications.

Greaves manufactures 1 engine per minute and has sold over five million plus engines till date. Greaves engine fitted vehicles activate one crore passengers and transport five lakh tonnes of cargo every day and sell engines through 250 plus Greaves Retail outlets and 5000 plus spare parts dealers across the country. Greaves’ 5000 plus Aftermarket spare parts dealers across the country and 250 plus retail outlets enables 3-and 4-wheeler small commercial vehicles to source reliable, high-quality and high-performance Greaves engines improves the productivity of vehicles and helps drivers save money on fuel and increase their income.