What More Will It Take To Have Riders Follow Traffic Rules?

Road Safety - Wrong Side Riding/Driving
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This ‘Smart City’ is infamous for violating traffic rules, be it riding without helmets or on the wrong side of the road!

Endangering self and other commuters is not almost a habit for several drivers and riders who choose to consistently ignore law and caution.

In a recent incident, A 23-year-old girl from Satara lost her life after suffering serious head injuries after the motorcycle on which she was riding pillion crashed into barricades. The duo were riding in the wrong direction from the Fergusson college gate to Goodluck Chowk and unfortunately, without helmets either.

There have been various instances of accidents caused by wrong side driving. While there was strong action being taken to curb this in the past, as of now it seems as though it is back to a ‘free for all’ situation yet again.

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#RoadSafety – Obey Traffic Rules

Speaking to Pune365, Pankaj Deshmukh, Deputy Commissioner (traffic) Pune Police remarked that that the accident took place in the night and they have booked the driver under rash driving and wrong side driving and the matter is under investigation. Unfortunately, a lot of people get killed in accidents like this and it’s all because of the negligence of another person. Most victims in these sorts of accidents pick up serious injuries that need extensive medical attention and rehabilitation treatments to help them make a full recovery. And this doesn’t come cheap. That’s why it could be beneficial for any victims to contact a law firm in your area as soon as possible so that you can make a claim and hopefully get the compensation that you deserve to pay for these bills. There are many different lawyers similar to those at GJEL Accident Attorneys (visit website here) that can help you in this situation. Making sure that people follow traffic signs is really important so that accidents like this stop occurring.

Deshmukh further added that his department is working on effective methods to ensure citizens follow traffic rules.

Asha Parikh, city entrepreneur adds, “Police can’t be present everywhere and moreover, it is the citizens responsibility to drive carefully.

The problem in the city is not about enforcement, it is about people who just don’t want to follow a set of rules and just crib about the police being lenient.

In the past few months, the police traffic department had made several changes to get the city’s traffic in control, but all seem to have been in vein.

Positive change should be appreciated by the citizens for traffic conditions to be improved in the city. This can happen only when everyone in this city takes it seriously and start following all the rules.

Asha adds, “Every person should be following traffic rules for their safety and not out of some compulsion and only then we will see the change.

In the above incident, I would not blame the cops at all. “You cant expect a policeman to stand overnight just because citizens choose to be careless. Yes, they’re there to protect us, but only when we fail or are unable to protect ourselves, Parikh adds.

Most accidents are unpredictably and no one is to be blamed, but a violation of any traffic rule is unfortunately the cause of almost 80 per cent accidents in the city, says Suraj Bothe, Lab Assistant.

It is sad to hear that just to save a short distance, she lost her life. Undoubtedly, the city needs to be disciplined. An individual should be solely responsible for his/her safety.

Possibly, rewarding citizens for following rules at signals could be one way of pushing people to follow the traffic rules, adds Bothe.


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