Four Unexpected Places to Meet a Girl

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When it comes to places where to meet girls, we talk about bars, clubs, the Internet. Someone is advised to look at colleagues at work, others are sent to the theater.

Where can I meet a girl… a normal one? You can get acquainted everywhere, even in such unusual places like these once you are prepared:

At The Library:

As you know, bad girls do not go to the library. If you want to know where is the best place to meet a girl, who is highly intellectual, and can maintain any conversation, go to the library. There is no fuss and hurry there, so you have the opportunity to watch for the interesting girl and, most importantly, to develop a strategy for dating.

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It’s quite easy to get acquainted in the library: you see a pretty girl standing in front of bookshelves, you come up, ask her what she was reading, ask her to recommend something. Brag about what you read, share your impressions of the late German romanticism and beats of literature, well, everything else is a matter of technique. Just don’t cross the line between the erudite and a bore.

At An Exhibition:
Where to meet beautiful girls? Talented and charming women are drawn to everything wonderful. While she enjoys the paintings of little-known Dutch marine painters, you have a chance to enjoy her appearance. The gallery, like the library, is a haven for scholars. Stand next to the picture she observes the longest, express your admiration for the work of the master, say, that you see the author’s deep intention behind every stroke. It is important that your comment arouses her interest. But don’t turn it into the boating session please. Kendrick Lamar asked us to be humble.

At The Courses:
Practically every courses have a charming stranger. It does not matter what you do: work with clay, learn to drive, dance, learn a foreign language. It is important that here you will be able to meet a like-minded person, an interesting woman who is not alien and is open to self-development. In the end, you already have at least one general topic to start a conversation. Ask for something, discuss a new lesson and skill, joke on a subject, and then the conversation will start by itself. Besides deciding where to get to met a girl, you can bring your skills on higher levels.

At The Supermarket:
Perhaps this is the most unromantic place to meet people. But, despite all the oddity of this place, some manage to start the story of their relationship near the counter with cheese. All you need to know is that you want to skip Sunday, when half the city is going to buy food for a month in advance. Choose a day and a quieter time, when queues to cash desks are not so extensive, and the chance to find a lonely girl among the crowd of families with screaming children is much higher than on a day off.



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Bethany Miller

Bethany Miller

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