10 Protein Shake Recipes With Yogurt

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Are you tired of readymade protein drinks with an established set of ingredients ?

Naturally, an abundance of supplements in the market, offers a wide selection of shakes to choose from. You can read reviews and opt for a particular merchandise according to your preferences. Protein shakes have many uses, from a protein shake after a workout to adding protein powder to new and improved deserts! Additionally, some will use them as a meal replacement, or a snack, and everyone will be drinking them for different reasons, whether that be muscle growth, losing weight, higher energy levels, or better overall health. Not only that, but more and more shake companies are providing protein shakes that are accessible for everyone, including delicious plant-based protein for vegans or those with certain intolerances to dairy. You can read this review on the proplant complete shake if you’re interested in adding some protein to your day whilst maintaining a plant-based diet. It all depends on what you want out of them.

Nevertheless, there is another solution. You can prepare the shake to you own recipe. The following list of drinks has one common feature – they all contain yogurt. While yogurt can be a delicious and enjoyable drink, it is important to know how long yogurt can stay out before it goes back, so you won’t have an unpleasant experience with your drinks.

The rest of ingredients is a mixture of healthy and nutritious components..

Chocolate Pleasure

– Organic Protein Source (Chocolate Flavor) – Two Scoops
– Greek Yogurt – One Cup
– Banana – One
– Cashew Milk – Two Cups
– Peanut butter – Three Tablespoons

Honey Banana Shake

– Water – One Cup
– Vanilla Whey Protein – One Scoop
– Natural Greek Yogurt – 3/4 (Three-Fourth) Cup
– Banana – One
– Flaxseed Oil – One Tablespoon
– Honey – Two Tablespoons
– Spirulina – One tablespoon

Personalized Protein Shake

– Skimmed Milk – Two Cups
– Non-Fat Cottage cheese – Two Cups
– Vanilla Whey Protein – Three Scoops
– Non-fat Greek Vanilla Yogurt – Half Cup
– Fruit Of Your Choice;
– Sweetener To Taste (Optional)
– Ice – One Handful

Pineapple Power Shake

– Pineapple Juice – One Cup
– Strawberries – Three
– Banana – One
– Greek yogurt – One Tablespoon
– Vanilla protein – One Scoop

Caramel Hazelnut Shake

– Chocolate Flavoured Protein – Two Scoops
– Ice – One Handful
– Fat-Free Milk – 1 1/2 (One And Half) Cup
– Fat-Free Greek Vanilla Yogurt – Two Tablespoons
– Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter – One Tablespoon
– Hazelnut Coffee Creamer – Two Tablespoons
– Sugar-Free Caramel – 1/8 (One Eighth) Cup
– Cream Topping.

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Berry Good Shake

– Raspberry Yogurt – Two Scoops
– Vanilla Protein – Two Scoops
– Strawberries – Four
– Blueberries – Fifteen
– Non-Fat milk – Two Cups
– Ice – One Handful

Strawberry Nut Shake

– Vanilla Flavoured Protein – Two Scoops
– Fat-Free Strawberry Greek yogurt – One Cup
– Strawberries – Four
– Chopped Macadamia Nuts – six

Strawberry Saviour Shake

– Vanilla Whey Protein – Four Scoops
– Water – One Cup
– Strawberry Greek Yogurt – One Cup
– Frozen Strawberries – Three
– Creatine – One Scoop
– Flaxseed Oil – One Tablespoon

Soy Almond Shake

– Protein Powder – One Scoop
– Light Soy milk – One Cup
– Slivered Almonds – One Tablespoon
– Sugar-free Maple Syrup – One Tablespoon
– Vanilla Extract – Three Drops
– Ice – One Handful
– Low-Fat Greek Yogurt – One Tablespoon

Peppermint Oatmeal Shake

– Chocolate Flavored Protein – Two Scoops
– Sugar-Free Vanilla Ice Cream – One Cup
– Oatmeal – One Cup
– Non-Fat Milk – Two Cups
– Water – Half a Cup
– Peppermint Extract – Half A Tablespoon

Now, you have 10 varied sets of ingredients to use in making your DIY protein drink. The recipe is simple and adaptable to any smoothie or shake. Put all ingredients in your blender and push the button. If you like frozen drinks, you may place the mixture in the fridge for an hour.

The volume of specified ingredients may also vary depending on your need. Besides, the source of protein powder should also be considered, because the protein content usually differs.

Actually, a decent homemade protein drink is greatly dependent on your imagination and a proper calculation of nutritional values. So, you can easily invent your own recipe with miscellaneous ingredients.

However, be careful not to turn your diet drink in a calorific booster.


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