Pune Celebrates The Joy Of Giving This Week



The festival of giving is back with a bang. Daan Utsav is an annual national event that has come to Pune this year. Once called The Joy of Giving Week it is a week-long fest from 2 to 8 October.

The tradition started in 2009, aiming to inspire Indians across every state to contribute to the society in any manner they choose to and celebrate the act of giving. CR Khapre, a volunteer says-

“In this national movement we hope to engage every Indian in ‘acts of giving’ – money, time, skills, resources or love.

“We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of support and the spirit of giving, pouring in from corporates, schools, individuals, government bodies, entrepreneurs, socialites, NGOs and private organizations. Many NGOs will be benefiting from the festival this year,” he adds.

A total of eight Daan Utsav events will happen in Pune this year. Some of the major events include Seva Mela that connects citizens to city NGOs, encouraging the act of giving. Next up is Seva Sandwich, is an event where volunteers come together, make sandwiches and distribute them to underprivileged in the vicinity.

Happy Dots help brighten communities and beautify neighbourhoods by cleaning and painting classrooms, bus stops etc.

Design4Impact is a volunteer management workshop which will focus on “Designing Effective Volunteering Programs” for the interested volunteer leaders and NGOs ensuring more organized volunteering programs achieving maximum impact for India’s social development. Moreover, there is to be a fundraiser of musical evenings with Woodwinds and Jonky. Speaking Walls is an effort to express gratitude to the police, citizens. City children and the police will paint some part of the police chowkeys. It also sets the stage for children from slums to interact with the police.

Priceless Sale, a unique event where citizens pick up interesting merchandise and pay an amount of their choice. The inventory is donated by socially conscious brands and artisans. The funds raised shall be utilized to run leadership development programs for children in government public schools. Furthermore, Collection Drives will be organized by Being Volunteers, encouraging different societies to donate clothes, stationery and food for orphanages, NGOs.

Deepika Goyal, from Karmyo, another volunteer for Daan Utsav echoes, “What we don’t realize is, that even small acts of giving can make a world of difference to someone else’s life. Discovering and spreading this joy is the best thing we can do with our lives.”

Rajiv Malla, Director at Phoenix Marketcity says, “The concept of giving back to the society is of utmost importance for business sustainability. We are delighted to associate with Pune’s very own “festival of giving”.

Currently more than 6 million people across the country celebrate the festival evangelizing giving.

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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