Lack Of Communication Causing Marriages To Fail

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Pune has witnessed large number of divorce cases being filed and these number are apparently growing year on year.

Counsellors and divorce lawyers attribute this rise in incompatibility to the lack of regular communication resulting in heated arguments and indifference to each others emotions.

Pune365 hit the ground and spoke to city couples to understand the reasons for this lack of communication in their relationships.

Mayur Kale, a developer says, “I don’t remember the last time we spoke to each other, apart from something on going grocery shopping or to attend a family function.

We have been married for three years now but staying together is really become ver difficult.

She works as a Relationship Manager in a company, so her phone has never left her alone even for an hour, whenever I try to initiate the conversation it is either disrupted by her friends or her office phone calls.

With each passing day, I am losing faith in this relationship. Just having a good sex life isn’t everything in a relationship” Kale adds.

We are so lost in chasing materialistic dreams, that we have left no space for love in our relationship, quips Rahul Agre, Businessman.

A happy marriage has become a distinct dream to us and several others couples. My wife works in an office for 10- 12 hours and by the time she is home, everybody is asleep,

The only time we have for each other is during the weekend which is spent on shopping or attending a concert or event with friends.

We know we have completely lost sight of good communication between each other. We do try hard to get back on talking terms, but end up blaming each other for small issues.

“I am always frustrated while talking to Subhash despite the fact that we dated for several years before marriage. But now because of this lack of communication, I have lost hope of saving this marriage” quips Arti Cheulkar, technical writer.

He has this habit of misinterpreting things, I make one point and he misunderstands and concludes many things. He is constantly occupied with his laptop, his work and career has become priority and he hardly takes our needs in consideration.

This marriage is exhausting, I have compromised on everything and all I expect now is some conversation at least before making love. Arti adds.

While speaking to Subhash he had a different story, Marriage is always going to be different from the affair we had in college, There are so many new responsibilities. Moreover, spending quality time simply doesn’t mean a bed full of roses always.

Trying to have a conversation with Arti is also not easy as she is either debating, arguing, blaming or taunting instead of making an effort to understand my point of view.

“Work is important, but our priority has always been this marriage,” quips Sarah Fernandes, Nurse.

We both work in shifts, with one of us in day and the other at night. So its not always possible to sit and look at each other, but yes, we do talk for hours.

There are so many social networking sites through which you can talk to your partner. Nobody is asking you to compromise on your work and you have breaks in the day to catch up.

Communication is the key to solve the biggest of problems.If there is a will there is always a way, Sarah adds with a smile.


#Content: Ankita Malekar for Pune365- May2018

#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents (some names changed to protect privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.