Disruptive Biogas Technology Major Attraction at Agri Show


The biodigesters by Sistema.bio attracted over 4,000 farmers at KISAN 2018 held in Pune.

Sistema.bioDemo units, along with videos and brochures were placed for easy demonstration of the biodigesters to the farmers present at the event.

Sistema.bio has made a mark in more than 16 countries, with installation of over 5,000 biodigesters impacting over 25,000 direct beneficiaries in last 10 years.

In India, it debuted last year at KISAN with its prefabricated ready-to-install biodigesters. The biodigesters offer farmers an opportunity to meet their energy needs by using the waste from their cattle to turn it into biogas and bio-fertiliser. To cater to the specific requirements of farmers, Sistema.bio provides different size of the products to cater the dairy farm between 5 – 300 cattle size.

Sistema.bio has reached over 100 households impacting over 500 lives in India with its operations in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Bihar. The company decided to focus specifically on these regions due to their potential to impact over 5000 farms into cleaner energy and organic fertilizer.

According to Vimal Panjwani, Sales Head at Sistema.bio, “We are really excited about the interest that we have generated across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Bihar. At KISAN Agri Show 2018, we got the opportunity to showcase the full stream of our technology. It has opened up our avenues to look at the future of biogas industry in India.”


The aim of Sistema.bio goes beyond generating energy from waste. its products and services have been conceptualized and designed to protect soil and water, reduce GHG emission and improve the economic viability of small farms. Sistema.bio’ sproducts aim to directly reduce the dependency on fossil fuels thus reducing the overall carbon footprints of the farming communities. Also, with the utilization of animal waste, there is a scope for massive economic savings for farming families across India.