Copious Rainfall But No Water- This Happens Only In Pune!

Water Crisis
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Barely a few months ago, Pune received copious rainfall and our dams were at their peak capacity, yet today we are staring at yet another water scarcity…

Our indifference to store the available resources and ignorance on living sustainably seems to have left the citizens in the lurch. To top this, our political squabbles using water as the subject to lure voters is yet another classic example of apathy. 

Ram Prakash Aambekar, a Kondhwa resident quips about his regular investment on a water tanker.

“It is both inconvenient and impractical for any person to spend a fortune in getting the basic necessities for the home.

We already pay taxes to the respective authorities for providing electricity and water to our houses and if they can’t fulfil our needs, they ought to step down!  

Not every time one can understand the water crunch in the city. “We understood the one-time water supply policy and even supported them by buying tankers on some occasions to relieve their pressure, but this cant be a regular affair. The entire time and energy goes into storing water and finding alternatives, adds Aambekar.

Water Scarcity Can Lead To:

Less agricultural yield
Food security will be reduced considerably
Reduced availability of safe drinking water to citizens especially the lower income strata of society.
Infections and Fatalities due to unsafe & insufficient water will increase.
Tree plantations will be at risk.

A water tanker supplier operator on the outskirts of the city, shares how they never see a dull business day. “This is sad to say from the part of the residents, but it is a fact.

There are at least 2-3 societies and several households in our locality that face a water crunch everyday in Pune and PCMC. Inefficient water management, a greater number of dependents than the availability, excessive use of water are some of the reasons why people can’t cope up with the available amount of water.

Also, there are some parts of the city where even today, regular water supply is a distant dream.”

Pune365 spoke with Col S G Dalvi (Retd.), National Coordinator (Water Conservation-The Climate Reality Project, India) and Director, Parjanya: Rain water Harvesting Consultancy to get an expert in-depth view of the present water crisis.

“In the early 80s, groundwater overtook surface water as the primary source for Irrigation. After the 90’s, rapid industrialisation, industry started using ground and surface water to meet their needs.

Due to the Climate Change over the past 10 years, our country is also facing deficit monsoons, deforestation, urbanisation. All these factors are leading to drastic reduction in rainwater percolation, depleting groundwater table further. Furthermore, such demand is causing unsustainable over-extraction of groundwater.”

“By 2025, India will be most populous country. Unless Groundwater recharge using Rain Water Harvesting methods, Recycling & Reuse of Grey water are made mandatory, along with immediate remedial action on above-mentioned issues, the situation will become very critical.

Also, aggressive tree plantation along with river cleaning on war footing is required. Country need to take Global Warming and Climate Change effect on water and food security very seriously,” adds Col Dalvi.

  • On an average, ground water table depletion is 0.4 meters to 4 meters per year.
  • Water supply management is pathetic, especially in cities. As per reports 40 % water is lost in leakages on an average.
  • No de-silting of dam reservoirs is reducing net availability water from dams. As per CWC report silt deposition is around 35 % on all dams.
  • Water scarcity limit is 1000 cubic meters per-capita per year.


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